Know the hCG Diet so you can start working towards your New Year's Resolution!

The hCG Diet is catching on quick. It is one of the fastest growing weight loss protocols available right now. Before one starts the hCG Diet he/she must learn about it. Learn how the hCG Diet works, what foods one can eat while on the diet plan.
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Dec. 18, 2009 - PRLog -- Prepare yourself for the diet.  Focus on your objective and why you’re losing the weight, whether your focus is health related or fitting back into your favorite clothes.

Know your weight loss objective (15, 20, 50+ pounds) Select the plan that best describes your goal.

Know what you can and can’t have while taking the hCG drops.  While on the diet; make-up, oils and lotions are discouraged as the body potentially may absorb them through the pores.  After your loading days (Days 1 and 2) fatty foods, sugars, and starches are completely discouraged.

Did you consult your physician?  We recommend it be your first procedure before starting any diet or weight loss plan.     Women, if you are on your period or will start within the next 5-6 days, wait until you completely finish your cycle.  You’re body goes through enough stress during that time that dieting may be more stressful than need be.

The hCG diet has been known to get people back to a normal metabolism, balance blood sugars, reduce cholesterol and many more positive things.   However, if you are taking any type of prescriptions, have any health concerns or have any pre-diagnosed symptoms and illnesses, we strongly suggest consulting your physician first.

Before you start taking the drops get yourself a high quality multivitamin and a B12 supplement.  We always recommend homeopathic liquids because they do absorb quickly under the tongue.

Use the multi vitamin and the B12 daily, following the manufacturers dosage instructions.  The hCG drops should be administered consistently three times a day.  Use the oral syringe (provided) and measure .36ml just between the three and four on the syringe itself.  The dosage amount is the same for everyone.  Translated you should take .36ml 3x a day.  (.36ml = approx 14 drops)  DO NOT eat or drink ANYTHING 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after taking the drops.

Store your hCG in a cool dark place (refrigerate as often as possible).  Don’t treat the syringe like a set of car keys.  It needs to stay clean as you will be using it each and every day.  If it comes in contact with your mouth, fingers, or anything else wash it.  Store it in a Ziploc or clean container.  Make note that anything you put into your mouth should be clean to avoid germs etc…

Day 1 take the recommended dose of hCG under tongue 3 times throughout the day(15 minutes before or after eating).  Let drops rest under tongue for 1 to five minutes.  You will follow this step each of the 3xs daily until drops run out(approx 23 days).  Days 1 and 2 are known as “the load days”.  During these first 2 days of taking the drops one must eat high calorie from fat foods. Ex: Fries, Ice Cream, Burgers, Bacon, Eggs, Cookies, Chips, deep fried foods, etc…  It may sound ridiculous, but remember, This day is crucial to the diet.  It is likely a person will gain 3 to 6 pounds in these first two days.  You will lose it by day four.  Do not skip this very important step as people have discovers the remainder of the unwanted fat does not melt away as easily as those individuals who followed this critical step.

Day 3 is the start the very low calorie plan.  Remember only 500 calories total per day.  Sounds crazy, yet during the next 24 days the hCG will get your body to use those stored abnormal fats for energy instead of craving foods.  The five hundred calories are food specific, what is meant by that is, No breads, sugars, or fatty foods.  There are very few exceptions to that rule.  Apples, strawberries, oranges, lemons and limes will become your best friend while on the hCG diet.   Chicken and white fish will be the main component for calories and protein.  Lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, and a few other vegetables will also give you some fiber and vitamins.  Below we have gathered some information from calorie counter dot com as to the calories in some of the recommended foods.  Beef is okay as long as it is the extra lean and not consumed too frequently.  It is important to drain all grease and oils from cooked beef.

On the site we have multiple recipes submitted by various customers that we know to conform to the weight loss plan.  By diversifying your menu you don’t get the desire to skip meals or cheat.  Now, the easiest way to set yourself up for failure is to not be prepared.  Pre-cook 3 to 4 of your meals ahead of time.  Grill your meats outside if the weather doesn’t cooperate, an indoor grill like the George Foreman grill you may have seen on TV or the oven.  The purpose in precooking (primarily your meats) is to be prepared.  If you are in a rush it just makes it easier to get stuck in a bind with nothing on hand but a convenience store, restaurant, or vending machine.  Those foods are tempting enough but try dieting and having a nice bag of chips, candy bar, or your favorite restaurant as your only choices.  SO, Be prepared.  Most likely you won’t gain cheating here and there but it will slow down the diet process for 1 to 3 days and for some people they lose enthusiasm and quit.  DON’T CHEAT! Stay focused.  It’s a very small sacrifice.  The hCG diet is only days not years long it is short yet the weight stays off.

Dr. Simeon’s recommends not mixing vegetables, no eating sugars, and minimal red meats.  If your weight loss plateau’s there are some things that are public information such as an apple day.  “What’s an apple day?”  An apple day is drinking only water and eating 6 apples over a 24 hour period.  Eat or drink nothing else.

As far as sweeteners Stevia has been recommended by most clinics.  Stevia contains no aspartame and no sugar.  It can be found at most grocery stores near the sugar substitutes.

Seasonings are tricky.  Read the ingredients looking for sugar, oils, and MSG.  If any are in the ingredients put it back on the shelf.  You will find there are plenty of amazing seasonings that will work.

The hCG Diet condensed instructions.

.36ml 3 xs per day of hCG

Tea, coffee, and water with no sugar and less than 1 T. of milk per day

Eat 2 fruits such as apple, orange, 6 to 8 strawberries.  Eat one in the morning and at lunch.

100 grams of lean meat 2 xs per day.  Chicken, white fish, and several others.  For recipes click on our recipes page.

1 vegetable type 2 x per day.  Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, asparagus and more…

Typical day will look like the following:

Breakfast:  Coffee, tea, water and a fruit

Lunch:  100 grams of lean meat


               Coffee, Tea, or water

Afternoon snack:  Fruit

               Low carb low starch cracker

Dinner:  100 grams of lean meat (remember no two same proteins in a day)


               Coffee, Tea, or water

If the weight loss slows try the following:

Increase water consumption and or green tea consumption

Eliminate the fruits from two to one per day.
Instructions based on Dr. Simeons' "pounds and Inches"

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