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The damage caused by Darkling Beetles, Northern White Mites, White Lice, Mice, Rats and heat seeking snakes, is immeasurable to Farmers across our Country. Traditional chemicals don't work and barns are being destroyed every year. Not any more.
By: Cedarshield News Roon
Dec. 13, 2009 - PRLog -- It is the season to rejoice and possibly more so for all the thousands of Poultry Farmers scattered across North America.  The reason being that Cedarshield North America after years of testing have perfected a few all natural bio-formulations that have been specifically designed to really assist farmers with chickens, turkeys and even hogs.

As all of these Farmers will tell you, every year they either spend or lose huge amounts of hard-earned money undertaking costly repairs on barn damage caused by insects and beetles.  The Darkling Beetle alone, of which there can be literally millions on one farm, can eat about fifteen percent of the food spread out for the birds, but worse still is the fact that through the daylight hours, these ravenous beetles go off and hide inside walls, electrical fittings, vents and walls, causing enormous amounts of damage to wood, wires and fittings.  Coupled with the Darkling Beetles, the Farmers have also to contend with things like the Northern White Mite, White Lice, rodents such as rats and mice and the occasional heat seeking snake in certain areas.  All of these things together are costing our Farmers millions of dollars each and every year.  On top of these issues, other problems the Farmers are facing, that have hit national headlines in recent times, are the issues of strong and pungent odors that spread across residential areas every time the Farmers do a barn clean out.  Ammonia fumes mixed with bird urine and faeces are not conducive to pleasant countryside air and this has become a major issue of public concern.  Other than the smell, many of the birds can suffer foot burn and blistering from the ammonia content that contaminates the floor ( Or Cake ) on which they walk.  All of these things are costing Farmers time, money and effort and yet, the majority of Farms are still trying to solve these issues by using the traditional and toxic chemicals they have been using for years, even although they no longer work.

The Cedarshield news crew have spoken with numerous poultry farmers and without exception, they all agreed that their traditional chemicals no longer seem to have much effect on the beetles of anything else for that matter, but they are cheap they commented.  Even if they were free, what’s the point of using them if they do not work? The Darkling Beetle has evolved and developed a strong immunity to all of these chemical formulations and this seems to apply to many of the other nuisances that plague the poultry farms.  Here is the all green, all natural alternatives that can solve ALL of the problems and issues mentioned above and instantly save the Farmers huge sums of money and a great deal of time of repairs and maintenance works.

Cedarshield North America are now offering three all natural products that DO WORK and they have been formulated to combat and eliminate all of these issues.  First of all they have one called “Foul Guard” that is a concentrate to be mixed with normal water and this product will eliminate the Darkling Beetle, Northern White Mites, White Lice and more and it will even neutralize the cake floor of ammonia, stopping the foot burn and blistering.  It will also penetrate the floor cake and dissolve all insect eggs and larvae too, making the whole environment a much better, safer and more productive area for the birds.  The second all natural product is called “Neutraroma” and it is very inexpensive to purchase and apply.  During a clean out, it will totally neutralize all pungent odors, neutralize the Ammonia content and even kill many of the beetles too in one totally safe application.  It can also be used in the tumbler dryers to dissolve eggs and larvae and make the dried product totally reusable.  The third and possibly most amazing of these three products is one called “Petri-Wood” and what this does for barns is quite incredible.  It is a total penetrant wood treatment that is applied in three simple spray coats and when applied, it instantly removes all bound water and moisture from inside the wood; it instantly restores the dimensional and structural stability of the wood, stopping warping, cupping and splitting.  Once it has dried, the treated wood becomes totally impervious to all types of wood rot, fungal decay, mold, mildew, damage by water or moisture and betters still, it gives complete protection from all types of wood destroying insects, including the Darkling, Termites, Carpenter Ants and more.  

A spokesman for Cedarshield North America stated, “All of these products have been thoroughly tried, tested and approved by numerous Universities, prominent Scientists and the Federal Government who have accepted them in to their Bio-Approved Program.  They could be saving the Farmers huge amounts of money in a range of areas and what’s more, when their birds go out to market, they could have an additional marketing label on their birds stating that they have been reared in a Totally Chemical Free Environment.”   He continued by saying, “These products have been designed and formulated especially for the farms and they do exactly what we say they do.  They do it safely, with no toxins, no poisons, no chemicals and no hazards, while at the same time helping the surrounding environment by reducing obnoxious odors and keeping local residential area happy again.  Our products are a no brainer and because they are all natural, the ongoing features and benefits to be gained from they are immense.  Most importantly for all the Farmers, they really do work first time every time”

Using these natural products also make for a better environment for barn workers and the treatments, being non-flammable can also be sprayed over panels, junction boxes and fittings to keep those insects from causing more damage there too.  For those forward looking farmers who may be interested in knowing more, they can contact Cedarshield direct by email on info@cedarshield.ca or visit their massive web site and study the reports and videos at www.cedarshield.ca .   All of the products are manufactures in the USA and they are drop shipped direct to any location, simply provided by a Zip code anywhere in North America.

So my friends, the answer to many of your issues and problems is available now, ready and waiting to help you.  All you have to do is change some of your habits and change away from all those chemicals that no longer help you or the environment.  Become a leader in your area with this unique all natural revolution for your Industry.  Cedarshield is working hard for you and they can provide you with free information, advice and guidance on application methods.  All you need to do is ask !

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These unique all natural organic products could quite literally change so much for the better of Poultry Farmers, saving them from endless barn damage, eliminate infestations of beetles and insects, remove noxious odors from the surrounding environment and generally make their poultry farms more efficient, more productive and more attractive to surrounding residents. Now they have access to safe products that actually work and do exactly what they say they will do. Cedarshield North America have successfully created three all round winners for all Farmers everywhere.
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