Philly Fitness Pro Kimberly Garrison Teaches Wellness Through Learning to Love Oneself

It sounds like a simple fix - Philly fitness expert, wellness advocate, and mom, Kimberly Garrison, teaches that learning to love "What God Gave Ya" can help you stay on-track with fitness goals, and enhance your quality-of-life.
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Kimberly Garrison - Philly Fitness Advocate
Kimberly Garrison - Philly Fitness Advocate
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Dec. 13, 2009 - PRLog -- Philadelphia, PA -- With the launch of two redesigned websites for One on One Ultimate Fitness ( and (, book and video series in development, managing her fitness business, and speaking to schools, groups and corporations about wellness, along with having an 18-month old toddler, Kimberly Garrison sets an example for how women, and especially new moms, can have a more positive life and achieve their fitness goals by starting with the most basic concept: "Start Loving Yourself!"

When asked, "What's Love Got to Do with Wellness?" Garrison, who is both a personal trainer and wellness expert, will tell you "Everything!" Garrison says, "Loving yourself is the first step to a healthier and more fit you. Love you, right now!" Kimberly Garrison embodies the positive mindset and persistent approach towards wellness, and living a balanced life, she teaches in her programs "Small Steps to Big Success" and "The Garrison Method."

"The Garrison Method" is based on a foundation of helping people find their strengths and their best attributes, and building from there. She feels that learning to love yourself, starting with the just the smallest, most incidental thing like your eyes, smile, or hair, can provide the energy needed to achieve realistic fitness and wellness goals, and build a positive momentum that impacts all aspects of our lives.

According to Dove's Global "The Truth About Beauty" study, only 2% of women believe they're beautiful. Dove's study included more than three thousand women across ten countries to understand how women see themselves. Dove's results found that approximately 75% of women surveyed rated their beauty as "average" and almost half thought their weight is "too high." Garrison sees this as an example of how women have been brainwashed to measure beauty based on the unreal standards of actors, models and re-touched photos, and she feels it is important to teach her clients and women in general that it's time "to LOVE yourselves!"

"The hardest part of getting a fitness program started," Garrison notes, "is just that - getting started." Research from the CDC ( states seven out of ten Americans do not exercise regularly, and lack of physical activity contributes to some 300,000 deaths each year in the U.S. by heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other conditions. Kimberly uses "The Garrison Method" to teach her clients to approach the challenge of getting a wellness program started by taking "Small Steps Towards Big Success." Her experience shows that making a series of small, positive changes in our lifestyles and mindset will steamroll into a series of more positive results that will be supported by a balanced life, and one of the first "small steps is to LOVE yourself."

Garrison sees her clients' long-term results, and the positive impact "The Garrison Method" has on their wellness, self-image and their lives in general. Her clients and fans alike sing her praises, as does Earni Y., one of Garrison's clients-turned-fan: "When friends and strangers ask me how I shed 100 pounds in 12 months, I smile and say: 'Body by Kimberly.' And I mean that quite literally." She continues: "I am not on a diet; I am eating the way I need to live for the rest of my life. Kimberly was with me every step of the way… provided the information I needed to make the right food choices in such a way that I absorbed it almost unconsciously. Most of all, Kimberly made losing weight and getting fit FUN! Our sessions are always challenging and I actually look forward to them. I plan to continue working with Kimberly for as long as possible."

Garrison notes that Earni's success was based on creating a plan using the "Small Steps to Big Success" model, setting small, achievable goals for each aspect of "The Garrison Method" - Strength, Balance, Endurance, Flexibility and Nutritional training, and are layered on the foundation of showing her clients how to learn to love themselves. You can check out more of Garrison's success stories online.

Over the past twenty years, Kimberly has become one of the area's most sought-after fitness and wellness experts. With more than 20 years of coaching expertise, and over a decade of experience as a leader in the fitness industry, Garrison's approach to fitness and wellness is rooted in the concept of teaching her clients the power of being positive, and to "learn to love themselves." Her coaching teaches her clients to use a series of small steps to help them achieve big successes towards their fitness goals and all areas of life.

Garrison's coaching model reflects the way she lives her life - "We need to find even the smallest things we love about ourselves and build a positive self image in order to achieve fitness and wellness, and then maintain it over the long haul." She acknowledges that many, if not most people in our society are barraged with and beaten down by all of the commercialized imagery of how we should look and how we should live, and it takes patience and a concerted effort to break those unrealistic patterns and negative self images.

Garrison is in demand as a Certified Personal Trainer, nutrition and wellness coach, and as an instructor for both strength training and group fitness. As a wellness entrepreneur, she is a spokesperson for premium, global, brand name products, is a popular health & wellness columnist and author, on-air fitness/wellness personality. Kimberly, however, feels her most important, influential role is that of wife and mother, and those roles provide her with inspiration, and influence the way she approaches and promotes fitness and wellness training in her community and beyond. With an army of enthusiastic clients and dedicated followers, Kimberly uses a blend of tough, tell-it-like-it-is honesty, along with a bottomless resource of positive support to inspire constructive changes and long-term commitment in her clients, readers and fans across the US.

Kimberly has appeared regularly on CN8's "Your Morning," 10 NBC's "10 Show," NBC 3 News, CW's "Philly Speak Up," "48 Update," and WYBE's "Shades of Opinion". She also pens a weekly fitness column for the Philadelphia Daily News, hosts the "Girlfriends' Locker Room" web site, and she's the host of "Philly Fitness & Health", an innovative pod cast. Her articles have also appeared in Philadelphia Metro News paper, Global Fit E-Magazine, ClubLife Magazine, Premier Brides, and she is quoted in Black America Web, Philly Style Magazine, Philly Fit Magazine, Cosmo, Pink Magazine, Parent, Oxygen, and Heart & Soul Magazine.

Kimberly Garrison is the founder and CEO of One-on-One Ultimate Fitness and creator of "The Garrison Method" - An holistic approach to wellness and fitness, featuring the "Small Steps to Big Success" Wellness Program. She is an active wellness educator, advocate and spokesperson, certified personal trainer, and is pursuing a PhD in holistic health and nutrition.

For more information on Kimberly Garrison, The Garrison Method, Small Steps to Big Success programs, visit her online @ 1 On 1 Ultimate Fitness or @ You can also connect with Kimberly on FaceBook, and on Twitter @

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