ezCollaborator Software Announces New Timesheet Module

A new time tracking system module has been added to ezCollaborator’s task and project management software system to enable businesses to allocate time spent on each task and project within its business process workflow tool.
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Dec. 9, 2009 - PRLog -- A new time tracking system has been added to the ezCollaborator task and project management software system.  Users can now fill out weekly timesheets and allocate time spent on each of their tasks and projects.

Users can enter hours at the task or project level … or through a weekly timesheet page.  Users then submit their timesheets each week for approval.

Hours for all users are then rolled up to the individual task and project levels to provide summary data and a detailed breakdown for each task and each project.

ezCollaborator’s new billing module offers a unique advantage over stand-alone timesheet tools since it already tracks the tasks and projects for the enterprise.  When using a stand-alone timesheet tool, users have to wait for management or an administrator to enter all of the tasks and projects on the back-end so they are then able to enter their time against this pre-entered set of tasks and projects. So what typically happens with stand-alone timesheet tools is that only some of the projects (and usually none of the tasks) are ever entered into the system and you end up tracking only a small subset of the total work actually performed by all users each week.

For those businesses that do not already have a time tracking system in place, this new timesheet module adds real power to ezCollaborator’s web-based application:
   Managers can track what their people are working on and quantify employee effort on each task and project.
   Project managers can easily track hours spend by all users within the firm on each of their major projects.  They can then compare actual hours to their original estimates. And they can retrieve historical data from prior projects to aid in their cost estimates for future projects.
   And CFO’s have the raw data necessary for proper billing of hourly work to their clients. This data can also be used in a CFO’s cost accounting initiatives.

Additional information can be found at www.ezcollaborator.com

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About ezCollaborator: ezCollaborator represents a new generation of self-mapping workflow and task management software that combines the benefits of conventional fixed-workflow management software with the flexibility of typical task management software.

ezCollaborator uses SaaS web-technology to provide businesses with a place to organize their tasks and projects in a collaborative environment. This system is particularly powerful in businesses with high activity rates and where there is a lot of workflow interaction with their clients or with other teams within the same company.

In the ezCollaborator Workflow Model as tasks move from person to person, all of the relevant information is passed on to the next person in a structured format, including the entire history of everything that has been done so far on the task. In a sense, the workflow is “self-documented".

With the ezCollaborator workflow model you will increase productivity and position your company for growth.

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