Need a new lease on life? Read Dancing in the Doghouse to start fresh with hope for the future.

Dancing in the Doghouse is a powerful encouragement for those facing life’s obstacles. If you need a new lease on life, this book will help you find the energy and enthusiasm needed to start fresh, new and with great hope for the future.
By: Alisa E. Clark
Dancing in the Doghouse
Dancing in the Doghouse
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Dec. 7, 2009 - PRLog -- Book author Alisa E. Clark has launched her spiritual autobiography, Dancing in the Doghouse, as a powerful encouragement for those facing life’s obstacles. If you need a new lease on life, this book will help you find the energy and enthusiasm needed to start fresh, new and with great hope for the future.

Lifelong metaphorical writer and artist, Alisa E. Clark, tells a story of encouragement by combining four decades of words and images to create her story of hope: Dancing in the Doghouse. To provide a place for people to recognize her source of hope, Alisa has created Journey on Canvas: a website loaded with resources for anyone who needs some hope and help on their journey. Journey on Canvas is also the launching pad for Dancing in the Doghouse, allowing viewers to learn more about Alisa’s book and see the many ways she has used words and images to tell her story. Visitors will also find opportunities to pay it forward: suggestions for beginning to tell one’s own story, a blog for sharing hope with others and journaling resources for beginning story tellers are all available through Journey on Canvas. Alisa wants people to share the hope they have to offer others and uses her book and website to activate people to tell their story.

Because of the author’s commitment to reach others with the message of Dancing in the Doghouse, Journey on Canvas does not just offer readers an opportunity to purchase her book. Instead, Alisa has handpicked many of the most powerful, life changing excerpts from Dancing in the Doghouse and made them available for all to read. Journey on Canvas is made to answer the question, “Is Dancing in the Doghouse right for me?” If anyone questions whether Dancing in the Doghouse will help and encourage them, they need only to visit Journey On Canvas and read for themselves. It is rare that an author will give so much of their book away, but Alisa does so because Dancing in the Doghouse is primarily part of a mission to reach others with a message, not a tool for making money or generating publicity.

Journey on Canvas reveals the work of a powerful metaphorical writer and artist. The words and images the author has chosen purposefully describe life in novel ways. This unique use of metaphor causes others to see life new and fresh: even the word “doghouse” (a place commonly understood to be undesirable) becomes a metaphor for freedom, hope and new life. Challenges and difficulties are turned around and seen in a new light. What was once dark becomes bright. One’s future becomes filled with hope it didn’t have before. Metaphor is a tool the author uses to carry out her mission: to encourage and bring hope to others.

Dancing in the Doghouse unabashedly shares intimate details of the author’s life as fuel for helping others know that they are not alone. Book editor Cherilyn D. Johnson describes Dancing in the Doghouse as “honest and transparent” and an encouragement for others on their journeys. Alisa’s story has also been reviewed as “an amazing story of suffering, recovery and redemption.” It is the author’s combination of honesty, transparency and unabashed truth that makes Dancing in the Doghouse a “must read” for anyone who needs a new lease on life. Alisa has truly created a vehicle for helping others start fresh, new and with great hope for the future.

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Alisa E. Clark received her B.F.A. from Pratt Institute and has an M.S. in education. She has worked as a professional artist, writer and educator. Alisa has written Dancing in the Doghouse, a spiritual autobiography, which reflects the richness of her experience as a creator and teacher. Through words and images, Alisa points to life’s greatest source of hope and encouragement. Her background brings insight and a unique expression for a daily human experience: the presence of God.

Dancing in the Doghouse uses Journey on Canvas to invite readers to share their own journey through the venue of spiritual autobiography. Check out suggestions for beginning a journal to tell your story as well as read excerpts from Alisa's spiritual autobiography at

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