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Devices like Smart phones and PDAs are at a risk of onslaught of threats due to its increase in demand and use. The mobile phone virus is not as widespread as the computer virus.
By: John Marshal
Dec. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- Devices like Smart phones and PDAs are at a risk of onslaught of threats due to its increase in demand and use. The mobile phone virus is not as widespread as the computer virus, but still could prove to be a nuisance resulting in monetary loss and identity theft. A cell phone virus must be dealt with the same way as the computer virus.

In 2005, the virus name Comm-Warrior appeared which had the ability to replicate itself through Multi Messaging services (MMS) and text messages with a picture or audio or video file in it. Prior to Comm-Warrior, in 2004, viruses were transmitted through Bluetooth and were confined to small areas and devices.

The Comm-warrior virus can be removed manually. First you have to check the user manual of your phone and find out how to access and use the application manager tool or download a third party tool. Then you have to open a list of running applications to select the Comm-Warrior entry. Next highlight the entry to terminate and cancel the program. Also an anti virus program is designed specifically for this virus which can be downloaded and run on your phone.

Trojans are another type of viruses which is in the form of a program, damages the security of your mobile without duplicating or copying itself. You may find that most of the antivirus does not help in removing Trojan. So to remove Trojans a firewall is needed. The best way to remove Trojans is to prevent it before it invades your mobile phone. This malicious code can be detected with security products which exist for most mobile device operating systems.

Take Reasonable Precautions against Cell Phone Viruses
There are also other cell phone viruses which are transmitted through MMS messages via Blue tooth. These viruses are less dangerous and affect only small number of devices. But it is still important to follow a few precautionary steps like, not downloading programs which are pirated or from an unknown user to make your cell phone virus free. Also you can change the feature of a Blue tooth to “hidden” when the cell is not in use.

Flash - Format - your Cell Phone
Sometimes virus cannot be removed with an anti virus program. To remove this kind of virus you can flash format your cell phone. This method is similar to reformatting a computer. But be sure to have a back up of all the information since flash formatting will removed all your saved information.

Another way of prevention is

•   People should not be held responsible for losing their secure information without proper training given to them. So proper training on using mobile phones / PDAs should be given.
•   Patch management on mobile devices should not be overlooked. This is simplified by integrating patching with syncing.
•   Anti-virus software can help in removing the virus. But at the end of the day, you have to use your common sense and follow simple rules to keep your cell phone free from viruses.

Companies like Technology Services in Ohio and Technology Services in Northern Kentucky offers us a variant of anti-virus software which are safe and reliable to use. Now you can have your mobile free from all types of viruses and malicious programs.

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