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                                   [A/K/A The Gravity of Love and War Diagnostic Test]

All materials are federal court proven; results are guaranteed----see me professionally for #8.........start "renewing your mind" and eliminating your sadness, pretense, confusion, and deficit levels (and restoring your real pleasure, joy, happiness, and success levels), today........(personally and organizationally).... The only way to do so ("kick the false pleasure and joy habit", as only these materials allow)....{"part a"* secured for national security purposes against counterfeit (international crime's primary attack strategy)}......

1) At what age are individuals considered fully- responsible for knowing what's right and wrong (law and crime)? Why?

2) With parental consent, can a juvenile do whatever an adult can do? Explain?

3) Can a juvenile legally-buy anything? explain? b) are their any limits to what a juvenile can buy? Why?

4) What makes something right? Explain?

5) What makes something wrong? Explain?
6) Are the requirements, allowances, and prohibitions of everything that's right and everything that's wrong known (beyond a reasonable doubt)? Explain?

7) Explain the known requirements, allowances, and prohibitions of right?
B) What are they for wrong?

9) Can an unemancipated-juvenile date at 16? Explain?

10) Can an unemancipated-juvenile ever drink alcohol? Explain?

11) What, if anything, is a juvenile capable of-doing that would allow them all of the privileges of an adult? Explain?

12) What is emancipation?
B) Are their any limits to emancipation?

13) Are there differences between an emancipated juvenile and an 18 year old? Explain?

14) Can a juvenile become emancipated, even if their parents don't consent to them doing so? Explain?

15) Once emancipated, is a juvenile fully-capable of everything an adult is capable-of? Explain?

16) Are "an emancipated-juvenile's parents" Still-responsible for providing for them, until they're 18?

17) What, exactly, is an emancipated-juvenile capable of doing and what can they not do? Explain?

18) How many ways can a female-juvenile become emancipated? Explain?

19) Can a pregnant-juvenile have an abortion, without their parent's consent (and without a judge's consent)? Explain?

20) Is an emancipated juvenile having sex with an unemancipated juvenile (their own age) rape? Explain?

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