ProProfs Launches Brain Games: Play or Create Puzzles & Educational Games, the leader in free online knowledge sharing tools, announces the launch of over 4,000 Brain Games & Puzzles – with the unique ability for users to create their own custom game for sharing on their blog or social media sites.
Dec. 2, 2009 - PRLog --, the leader in free online knowledge sharing tools, announces the launch of over 4,000 Brain Games & Puzzles. The unique feature of ProProfs Brain Games ( allows users to create their own custom games and quickly upload them to blogs and social media, sharing them across the web.

ProProfs Brain Games allows users to harness their own creativity to engage and inform others in an attention-holding way. The custom feature makes it possible to create games focused on specific images, themes and subject matters, with an emphasis on usability. Bloggers can encourage visitors to spend more time on their site by presenting their text or photo content in the form of a game or puzzle, and teachers can engage their students by integrating their own games into lesson plans.

"Games and puzzles are a great way to encourage engagement. Our customizable games can be embedded into any webpage, allowing bloggers to embed game related content to their blog post, or providing a teacher with online tools to encourage students to master different subject areas," said Sameer Bhatia, Founder and President of "With thousands of games to choose from, ProProfs Brain Games has something fun for everyone, including bloggers, teachers and students, parents searching for a way to spend time with their kids, or even just casual gamers looking to flex their mental muscles."

ProProfs Brain Games features popular games and puzzles like Sudoku and word searches, along with exciting new games and twists on classics like Hangman and Chess. Players can create a game with a favorite photo, create or choose from existing games and puzzles that challenge wit and logic, provide practice with geometry, math and typing, or introduce new vocabulary. With an ever-growing list of puzzles and games that improve memory, hone typing skills and improve logical reasoning, ProProfs Brain Games provides something for every classroom, individual or family.

"We are creating a gaming community that parents can feel good about," Bhatia said. "ProProfs Brain Games provide clean, safe and educational family fun that strengthens young minds instead of distracting them. Our games initiative supports our mission to enhance education through entertainment."

ProProfs Brain Games do more than just help maintain mental vitality. Recent studies show that playing brain games and puzzles have educational and mental health benefits. Earlier this year researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine released a study ( claiming that solving crossword puzzles, playing games and engaging brain teasers may help reduce memory loss and even ward off Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

# # # is the knowledge FREEway, providing free resources and tools for online knowledge sharing. ProProfs is dedicated to offering new services and content that reflects the diversity of interests and topics in which today's users are engaged. Founded on the idea that knowledge should be freely available to people from all walks of life, features free schools on SAT & IT certification, and offers an ever increasing portfolio of tools for social knowledge sharing including quizzes, flashcards, blogs, forums and games. For more information on ProProfs Brain Games, visit or email

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