Shiseido Zen for Men

When you experience ZEN, you also experience the freedom that comes with enlightenment. You sense the life force that powers you, the dynamic essence you share with every other living thing. Your internal passion is intensified by an endless energy.
By: Swati
Zen for men
Zen for men
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The power of spicy woods layered with exotic fruits and masculine musk for an uncompromised sensuality and modern sophistication.

Top Note    :   Nashi* /Bergamot / Kinkan**

The top note sparkles with the complexity of Kinkan** and bergamot, following the fresh juiciness of Nashi*

Middle Note   :   Nutmeg / Violet /Rhododendron

The middle note plays upon the elegance of violet to enhance a strong core scent of rhododendron and spicy nutmeg.

                         Last note        :     Patchouli / Leather / Musk
                                   *Japanese Pear
                                                 ** Kumquat
The last note effortlessly blends masculine leather with musk and patchouli to create an understated sophistication.

With Shiseido-exclusive AS fragrance***

SHISEIDO has specially created the Zen fragrance with stress-relieving aromachological ingredients, to liberate modern individuals from their worries and awaken them to the joy of infinite possibility.


Exotic gifts from the earth collaborate to create this sophisticated, yet passionate fragrance.

Nashi, or Japanese pear, is the autumn fruit that has been cherished in Japan and China for more that two thousand years.  Unlike the Western pear, which has a soft and creamy texture, Nashi is crisp and juicy, bursting with flavor in every refreshing bite.  Its fine balance of sweet and sour notes are intertwined with a cool freshness.

High in the Himalayas at 1,500 to 2,000 meters, the rhododentron tree defiantly thrives.  Here it can grow several tens of meters high, even in the harshest conditions.  Its branches reach out like strong, muscular arms, and its clean fragrance evokes the presence of a powerful and intellectual man.



The concept “Infinite Passion” called to my mind the inspiration of the Aeolian Islands, a beautiful island chain in Italy.
Thinking of these islands evokes all my senses.  Fascinated by the power of the place.  I can’t help but yearn to be there.
The islands are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea  north of Sicily. Simple white houses cling to their shores, along narrow paths lined with Sicilian bergamot and grapefruit trees. When you direct your eyes to the hills, you are rewarded with a ravishing view of Stromboli, and forests touched with the distinctive volcanic smells and flavors.  These islands tell us true stories of nature.  Inexhaustibly fascinating, the islands are ZEN-like . Constant, endless sources of infinite passion

Francoise and I have known each other for about 15 years now.  Francoise’s technique, combined with her sense of balance and aesthetics always amazes me.  I enjoy working with her, as we see and smell the same way, and we share the same ideas about beauty.
I like the balance of the fragrance and its energy.  At each moment, it is universally appealing.


More than the classical Zen attitude, what interested me was the idea of reaching the
attitude a man can have after achieving Zen. My purpose was to help the perfumers create a fragrance that perfectly combines modern sophistication with a bit of classicism and a firm sense of masculinity.  The top note is joyous but not too simple, blending the exotic Nashi and Kinkan fruits with spices.  The innovation comes more in the middle notes, where florals like violet combine with masculine rhododendron, reminding us that a modern man reveals his sensitive side and becomes more intriguing for doing so. Then, at last, there are patchouli and leather, reminiscent of the traditional European perfume structure for their noble and lasting appeal.
This fragrance is a perfect and well-balanced expression of a modern male, who enjoys his surroundings and his active, vibrant life.



Like a perfect miniature world, the bottle contains the elegance of a tea room – exquisite in its simplicity yet sensual in its restrained, glowing form.


Color on color, texture upon texture, the Japanese aesthetic guides this artful layering of elements to bring forth a delicate and purely original expression.


The use of light to create dramatic dimensional effects is a distinct feature of Japanese architectural design. The structure of the bottle and packaging evoke the tangible quality of light with interior spaces.


The colors of ZEN for MEN are blue and silver.  These are colors of life.  Colors of
energy  Colors of reality and imagination.  They evoke images of the expansive sky and
glittering sea.  And the blue of flame, which masquerades as cool, actually radiates heat
beyond that of any red flame.  Blue represents the infinite power of time and space.  
Silver represents poise and sophistication.  Together they form a symbol of energy and


For more than thirty years, through drawing, poster design, photography, and video, Jean-Paul Goude has made an impression, in every sense, on our imagination.  From the tops of the 60’s to the legendary Esquire magazine of the following decade, from the New York of Andy Warhol and mixed cultures, to Grace Jones, for whom he was Pygmalion, from the spectacular French Revolution Bicentennial Parade in Paris in 1989 to ad campaign for Kodak, Perrier and Galeries Lafayette – Goude has triumphantly captured, time after time, the spirit of his age. The recipient of many prestigious awards in the field of film advertising, photography and design, he was awarded the legion of honor by Francois Mitterrand.

Price on Request

Shiseido Zen for Men Range

Eau de Toilette – 50 ml
Eau de Toilette – 100 ml

Availability: At Parcos, as well as at select departmental stores across the country.

For further details : Please contact – Soumya Chandran-9811376648
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