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Now you can forget about the damage water can do to concrete, brick, projected aggregates,mortar and stucco, as this innovative new ALL NATURAL product will solve all your problems and more.
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Nov. 30, 2009 - PRLog -- Concrete is all around us.  It is everywhere we go and it is used for so many different products, from highway separations, to building condos, bridges, roadways, driveways, retaining walls, dams and much much more.  It comes to be delivered or used in varied formulations, with various additives and even various finishes and colors.  However, with the majority of concrete that is already in position, fully solidified and being used as bridges and what ever, one long wanted and awaited attribute has remained missing.

Now being actively introduced to the concrete, brick, mortar, projected aggregate and stucco markets, by Cedarshield North America is a new and all natural product called “Permacrete”.   This innovative product will penetrate concrete and all of the above faster and deeper than anything else available anywhere.  It will permeate the very structure of the concrete, removing any bound water or moisture from within the capillaries and then line them and seal them permanently from any future ingress of water or moisture.

The treated area become permanently waterproof and because of the initial removal of inherent moisture, water and moisture passageways, the concrete will not crack or split due to weather conditions.  Now, this really is something unique!   The product can be spray or brush applied and even the highway barriers can easily be coated on a drive by, making them waterproof and keeping them cleaner for much longer.  The product is the perfect solution for concrete bridges and roads as by providing such a deep penetration and total seal against water, the result also stops the speed of corrosion and spalling, making for a cleaner and much safer structure all round.    Cedarshield’s “Permacrete” does not discolour or stain the areas being treated and it required no special licences to apply it.  Just the normal precautions of eye protection and a pair of work gloves.  It is non toxic, non poisonous and non hazardous and totally environmentally friendly in every way, meaning it can even be applied to structures over water courses and on dams too as any overspray will not affect the fish or other water creatures.  It has been extensively tested, tried and approved by numerous prominent Universities and Government laboratories and was quoted by one University as being “The most effective concrete and hard surface sealer we have ever encountered, and it’s all natural too so in our book, this one a real winner.”

The treated surfaces look no different after the applications have dried.  They remain non-slip and the only apparent visible difference is that water seems to just bounce off and run away.  Again, Cedarshield North America have taken the lead, with their all natural innovative products going into another market place.  For more information on Permacrete or any of the Cedarshield product range, you can contact them by email on info@cedarshield.ca or by visiting their web site at www.cedarshield.ca   This product is currently available in 1 gallon containers, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums and as always, Cedarshield will drop ship it direct to any location of your choice.  Even for permanently sealing your own driveway, this is what you need.

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The organization that believes in what it does by providing the ultimate in safety and efficiency with 100% natural organic bio-fluid applications for all types of bug and insect control and elimination, plus permanent wood and concrete preservation and protection.
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