AIDS And Ageing Signs Of Industrial Monetary Dementia!

Wanna know why mowed Chinese gardens are sold as British tea in Western supermarkets to the sound of Black Bottom RnB? - or why we sly-sly Asians need yaw'll so muuuch? - by Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Nov. 28, 2009 - PRLog -- Get cut infront; we Asians luuve a shharpp bang in the daytime, because we're uptight and moderrrrn! I woke up one morning in the eighties and found that all the supermarket-trolleys costed either a coin or a plastic chip, when in the seventies mom tucked my diapers and me in, for a free ride in the baby-seat of the pissy cart, and sailed me on a journey free off charge through garish florescent wonderlands of barcode paradise! - In the ghettos, nobody Black even thought of stealing those ugly trolleys, if all it takes is a Dime, Yen, Pound or Euro to buy that germ-ridden trashbin on wheels, and grrraaaass is more precious. Surely a supermarket trolley is a chrome-welded oil-greased metal contraption made in China or Turkey and the material cost in metal and plastic far outweigh one Euro, - especially if the added coin-dispencer or credit-card radar-swipemashine attached to more splendid chains is counted in with the foreign Chinese labour-costs. - Well if you print the damn tax you want right back; you can have anything for the cost of nothing, and look like a big idiottt for strangling Ling!  

We Asians do think differently about when to charge the public. So when the first Chinese supermarket-mall built on Western taste for imaginary enemies rolled into Shanghai, we thought the Supermarket chain must be owned by a Western doctor who efffs Pingpongs in white shorts for sports....atleast, - ahmm - this thought only occured to us smart-ass slitts after being confronted with the Stunny Pharouk AIDS-scandal and the EC-Ruling 67-548-EWG! - Its because Asian girls always hold hands and smile prettily, - so, nobody can tell...uhuh!

Its like the modern mom, who tells her crying child to shut that trap, so she can concentrate on "printing out her shopping list" from a computer, but is delayed by the stress of exchanging the printer's ink-refills on time. When I saw my best friend do this, I screamed "You can't be serious! - Your child is hungry! Write the fuggin' list by hand and hit the shops, you BITCH!". She raised her free advertisement for Loréal, and drove her trembling fingers through her sand-danded hair, and said to herself in disbelief : "FFFFUACK ID OUWTT; - I must be off my ggocksuggin'headd!", and quickly grabbed my cheap yellow Chinese pencil, commenting on it: "Wow, I'm back in the 60ies with my mom!". I'm so sorry for my fake Asian smiles, but you know I don't mean it! Yellow pencils are clever, too; they are made of sustained bamboo or pappmaché, and don't require any electricity to use. - If you don't have a thought in your head, don't say Ahhmm!

Acquired iron dementia syndromes befall us all, and if we thought clever gay men are the only people likely to suffer from AIDS-dementia from something big and secret having rubbed them the wrong way - ; then what I've just said is nothing yet! - How about this example of iron deficiency of the brain: If you use a cheap plastic chip instead of a precious metal coin for the slott of a shopping cart, just to feel privileged you shop at Tesco's or Sainsbury's, whats the point of using anything for a basket day, at all??? - owwp- I forgot, - the chip is what you buy instead, so that you can feel blessed by the fun slogan "Never be Pound-foolish aaa-gaiiinn!". - Well, I still have a Yen for fucking Mao-mao...And by all counts, the chip must have the logo of the supermarket on it, so that longing Yulong BELONG to the establishment! - So, do you know what I did? I BOUGHT 7 shopping-carts and lined them up in the mall's pay-for-parking lot, and then smasherrrd my old car into them for all the gawking English surveillance cameras, and threw 20 Pee out the car window; - and not a beau-bobby rang at my door! - Chinese AIDS-free liberty, because my thirsty car is a vegan mashine, too - and little yellow tits jiggle on their own!

In London I must be the only yellow bitch, because "Me waan sew yu clodes in sweat-shop farr wan dalla-weeeek!"...but can't you see; thats just why I ran away from home like a movie-star! - I needed to make you puke for not getting your jobless people off the road, who fancy becoming music-stars on TV to be able to - do WHAAAT??? - to START A CLOTHING LINE on liquid Gobi desert sand!!!! - and produced whheere??? - in stupiddy lill yellow ant hill!!! So, tella-yu-what: stop fleecing your own white sheep, and get Queen Lizzard's yellow homeless piss off your historic London streets! - There is no excuse for poverty! AIDS-SCANDAL.COM is right, and WE are low on mental British steel!
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AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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