AIDS Religion's Dieing Hypnomania, And The Power Of Sex Over Prison!

When the holy AIDS-angel falls for the deviant devil's penetrance behind; how's a horny Christian to stay away from featherbed's flattering orgy, if bedside doctors luuve it, too?! - by Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Nov. 26, 2009 - PRLog -- According to Stunny Pharouk the giant was a windmill after all, and his army was a field of green! Had AIDS only continued, the deserts around the cradle of civilisation would have lost their future purpose forever! As it turns out, the giant was just too free-wheeling, and the crushing dream had a fresh pink morning. So what in hell's name was AIDS all about?

We modern pro-West Asians aren't used to asking dumb questions unless we play innocent just for fun; so when I followed Stunny Pharouk's advice and went to my EU-doctor for the first time to confront her over the EG-Ruling 67-548-EWG and her poisonous pills in my cabinet, - I watched her holy halo dim and sputter like a cheap florescent bulb, and her blinding feathers loose their sparkle with the vanishing celestiality of her off-key yulegy going warp-harp karaoke! - A genius in a golden cage, the WORLD BANK coudn't lock in! - I coudn't understand it at first, until she said: "Thats life! -We just don't agree with the world! Thats why we became doctors!". To me it sounded like the excuse of a dunce nun in a convent, after the ups and downs of ghetto nightlife, if every university be a deathmatch.
As I looked around her pristine office walls, there were lots of depressing nasty pin-ups of impoverished snotty negro kids in dusty crals with tired grinning faces. "Those are my-my kids, - Ahhmm; I sponsor them!", she streed out. - Yeah, I thought; but sponsored with WHAT? When I asked her if she so purposefully sponcored Black AIDS-kids, so as to sell poisoned bate to her own Western race, the mad goddess exploded with the rice and chased me from her crystal shrine! Later that evening, a whisper crept out of the secret midnight phone, and sounded like a hatched serpent in my ear. What had happened to her? We began

"Africans must die of AIDS, but Westerners should die of DIABETES or CANCER!" she said, - "The one thing has nothing to do with the other! We're quitter quits and made a killing business!" she tried to explain with a double tongue, and added "Its not about race or anything like that anymore". Wondering if I ought to quit the conversation and run back to Asia, or call the nearest White police officer with a paunch from Tylenol; - she quickly read my thoughts and said. "Honey, - there is no way out; AIDS is a group above us both, and the moment we both slip out from under, we're both dead!". On hearing this threat, I did the next best thing any sly Asian would do; I asked her a simple childish question a stubborn brat would ask: "What if the socalled big people up-there aren't really there?". Having been raised an uptight little Chinese comy gave me great sobriety to think outside of the Western context of religion and odd mental holidays. Keeping the Chinese silk clean and the little white lillys unsoiled for more that 20 years, does chang-yang gang-bang to you someday. Escaping one nightmare to another makes you resiliently look for solutions as fast as the delivery-belt presents its next forced-to-fix. So, Western doctors come from a totally different realm and live in a totally different world governed by a totally different question, differently imprisoned genuises face in an indifferently imprisoned way; - the question "Am I useful?". As opposed to a Jap, the epitome of holy clinical "whiteness" is born and shutt tightly inside the two white halves of the catholically closed Jewish Bible, and sat on by the spreading heavy weights of tradition's age old ass of cruel mom's hidden family PRIDE in a stingy cookiebox, making defectors feel like traitors of the family SHAME, when infact they are clueless orphans if father dies in every holy war together with eternal GOD. The child-abuser can make the little boy believe that everybody does it, but the trick is never to say it, or you get hit. - One blow will brand you for life!

This is not a case of guilty doctors pleading innocent on grounds of insanity, - its their NOT being aware of a lack of cultural reason and living in fear of "each other's" dangerous minority!
Any overbearing unpleasant group-tradition can hypnotise the mind of an impressionable child, enough to lurk till adulthood in the mental background like the foreboading soundtrack in a horror movie, which casts looming shadows of dormant subcontious childhood conjecture, to hypnotically condition anyone to an automatic and uncontrolled fearful reaction, just to protect an unreal shame from being seen, that nobody outside actually sees or even understands when watching the stock-market rise or fall! The enemy was lost in the pages of a fat book void of pictures that nobody dared read for fear of a dutt and dowdy old age, and the bump-bump under the bed was hearsay's vibrant imagination. - Sex before marriage, christmas without Christ, rock and the devil, gay porno despite hellfire, or Jehovah's Witnesses who drink cow's milk for beakfast in an all-vegan paradise, and hogging as many burgers in Brooklyn before Harmageddon, as they possibly can!

"Sociological estrangement can't go to prison; and mindcontrol can't either, if it comes from a dead old book's prison of undue accordance of unreasonable power!" says Stunny Pharouk, who'd once suffered the same anomaly in a religious sect. Religious tricks of completely unsolved dos-n'-don'ts are tangent misalignments instead of congenial alignments of logical thought!
So, someone tell me; can you blame a paid doctor for AIDS, if the money-printer loves early death by CANCER?! - Doctors eat meat! Chinese say: When you die you go to God, but that's just why you had two parents! The saying was about LOVE and SEX! - Why think badly about it; if GOD has no fixed gender? A limited financial bot-reserve is the communal right of all, and not just for a mad few. AIDS and sexual hatred has been a mad loss of the overall picture and purpose of money, when its time to rise and shine in a warmer red circle!
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