The Trend of Costume Jewelry in 2010: Cheap But Luxury

Jewelry is more and more common and popular among people. People are curious about its developing trend and cheap but luxury is just what people want.
Nov. 26, 2009 - PRLog -- Business types are always inevitably changed with their consumers. Batch sell supermarkets emerge, as the two incomes requires. Convenient shops are born for busy modern lifestyles. Researchers have declared the coming of M-type society. The gap between rich and poor will continue to widen all over the world and a new consumer class will take place of middle class. Only goods are both of high quality and fair price can win consumers.
Some in industry have pointed out that the fashion trend of jewelry is to shake off its extravagant look and be common and functional. Jewelry will be valued by its design, workmanship and service. As a result, white-collars even common people will be able to afford for jewelries. Guided by the theory of cheap but luxury, in future jewelries will develop as follows:
Lay same stress on classic and extravagance, while respect and promote to return to innocence.
Having broken down the restrictions of matching elegant evening dresses, nowadays jewelries are more frequently used at casual occasions even for sport shoes in daily life. They constantly bring women with vigor of youth and make the dress-up graceful and charming. A fever of the style, romantic but not garish while going back to nature, has unconsciously swept over the whole world.
The retro trend, a blending of ancient and modern fashion elements, is overwhelmingly stepping into people’s life in an age of change in fashion. Simple, natural, unaffected and gentle jewelries are popular among people. To bring people back to nature, jewelries are designed to be classical, simple and exquisite. Therefore, animals and plants are always applied as patterns for jewelry. Take for an example, they always wholesale costume jewelry like four leaf clover and insect amber pendant, which are full of flavor of nature.
Popular natural environmental materials are elegant but not extravagant.
Women cannot neglect health while pursuing beauty. Jewelries containing poisoned elements like lead, cadmium and nickel will be cleaned out sooner or later, while those made of nonpoisonous and harmless materials, such as crystal, wood, shell, feather and so, will be more and more popular.
However, low-end materials are not recommended as it cannot meet the feature of cheap but luxury. Crystal is a one of the best choices for materials. The minerals in natural crystals will be good to your health. Moreover, it looks much more elegant than wood and shell. Therefore, it wins a great many of consumers.
Pay more attention to spirituality and cultural meaning
In the age of cheap but luxury, jewelries are not only for dressing up. Fashion jewelry is trying to touch one’s soul instead of just being a present or an accessory.
Intellectual women and new rich like to be unique. They will make no hesitations as long as they feel good. Thus some personalized jewelries and accessories pay more attention to creativity and stimulate each customer to pursuit for beauty. Jade and crystal are of abundance inner beauty. A noble man loves jade and compare jade to others, while women have fond of crystal and name it “love stone”. The symbolism and spirit of jade and crystal are what their fans need and praise for.
Cheap and luxury are not contradictory for jewelry now. In the past age of mass-produce and mass-marketing, sales relied to goods and materials which are very poor. Nowadays, sales are coming from price to value, which are decided by costumers.
Price to value should be practical. There is nothing can compare with crystal as it can bring us a success of achieving cheap but luxury. Crystal will be a leader in the future of jewelry industry.
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