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Mumbai 2009 - Ayurveda explores the system of self-care that originated in India more than 5000 years ago where both knowledge and skill have been passed on from generation using its well-tried principles and therapies to improve one’s well-being.
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Nov. 24, 2009 - PRLog -- It is precisely this age old lineage of Dr. Pankaj Naram which has inspired the visionary Vaidyas Dr. Pankaj Naram and his wife Dr. Smita Naram to establish Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt. ltd in the year 1987 to provide complete holistic Ayurvedic solutions for healing. , based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature. Today Ayurshakti has hundreds of doctors & practioners providing various procedures, tried and tested methods surpassing other methods of treatment. In addition to being a natural method taking you closer to the nature it also includes directions for a healthy Life Style which is extremely necessary in today’s stressed and polluted environment.
An eminent expert in the science of Nadi Vidya or Pulse Diagnosis, Dr. Pankaj Naram believes in transforming life on this planet by making it Happy, Healthy and Beautiful through the experience of the world’s best ayurvedic solutions.
Most often it is only the symptoms which is cured hence the cure is extremely superficial. But as the the principle of Ayurved, Ayushakti Vaidyas – Doctors, attend to the root cause of the complain; that cause which actually leads to the symptoms by using non-invasive techniques.
This root cause is ascertained by Pulse Diagnosis. It is simple, accurate and extremely effective way of diagnosing the exact nature of concern in a patient. It has successfully helped more than half a million people from 108 countries in overcoming Asthma, arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, back pain, fibromyalgia, obesity, infertility, high blood pressure, skin problem, epilepsy and many other chronic health challenges.
This deeply evolved science is passed directly from a master or Guru to the student or shishya. This pulse reading technique practiced in Ayushakti Health Centers is known as Siddha Nadi Vidya and was passed down through a 2000-year old lineage known as Siddha Veda because the knowledge they practice is drawn directly from the ancient handwritten manuscripts called the Siddha Veda which was written by the Siddha Veda masters.
Every Ayushakti practitioner understands the language of 360 subtle variations of the pulse, which are indicators to the underlying physiological imbalances that kslu can cause acute and chronic disease. As the Vaidya reads the pulse, he or she is able to ascertain what is happening in your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Although the science of “reading” the pulse in this way is still not well known in modern i.e.in Western medicine, specialized practitioners have successfully practiced this technique for thousands of years in India.
Ayushakti has been extremely successful in overcoming Infertility and given a ray of hope to many of the couples who either had no options or otherwise had to undergo expensive invasive and tedious procedures like artificial insemination, IVF etc…
All the healers and practitioners undergo specialized training under the personal supervision of Dr. Pankaj Naram and Dr. Smita Naram hence what you will experience is professional, consistent and standardized treatments in any of the Ayushakti Centers that you visit.
Ayushakti offers a complete range of options starting with Deep pulse diagnosis leading to Deep Healing, with prescribed Medicines made with Herbs specially formulated at Ayurshakti for treatments.
This is supported by Panchkarma treatment, a therapy which is a complete, holistic approach to the elimination of the root cause of each and every chronic disease.
A personalized Diet and Lifestyle detailed plan is then recommended by the qualified practitioners.
You will undergo and experience a total detoxification to achieve a totally healthy balance of body, mind and spirit..  
Ayushakti also boasts of a Health Centre with modern and sophisticated healthcare facilities yet possessing a traditional atmosphere in Malad, a suburb of Mumbai, The health centre is spread over a total area of about 15,000 square feet & comprises of OPD (Out patient Dept.),Swadshakti,Panchkarma treatment and a health store.
Here one can experience a tranquil and natural environment which supports treatment procedures like Panchakarma. It has state of the art Nursing Rooms with a Health store. Holistic yoga training is practiced every morning. It has a unique Ayurvedic Cuisine Restaurant called “Swadshakti” which serves simple, wholesome, healthy but very tasty Ayurvedic food. One has to actually sample the food to understand all this.  
The Health Centers also provides Herbal Remedies, Diet and Lifestyle recommendations, Panchakarma, Marma  Chikitsa, and Home Remedies which will transform your life forever.
At Ayushakti every treatment, procedure, herb is of unsurpassed quality as primary importance is given to the safety and well being of the patients. Ayushakti is an ISO 9000-2001 certified company.
Each & every batch of herbal formulation is tested with atomic absorption spectrophotometer to ensure limits of heavy metal contamination as per Indian FDA Regulations, microorganisms and parasites, pesticides and fertilizers, TLC Analysis for standardization of herbs done to ensure quality of herbs. Ayushakti is certified for G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practices) from FDA, India.
Over the past few years Ayushakti has made its presence felt in Mumbai, Gujarat, USA and Europe helping so many people to lead a better life. Ayushakti has won several awards as well.
With so much to offer is it any wonder then Ayushakti is your solution to be Happy - because in order to be Happy You need to be Healthy!
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