AIDS-cures Fast Or Slow; Where's The Difference Stunny Pharouk?

How an old pyramid of common folk medicine conquers modern science's racial bias, and why tannic tonics and the glamour of an ancient sexual vegan ambiguity go hand in hand with an old unbreakable wisdom! - By Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Nov. 24, 2009 - PRLog -- Even though Stunny Pharouk knows of an even faster cure for AIDS and CANCER by using a novel beautiful blue tannic-acid-concentrate best compared to the ancient Abessinian drug ABSYNTH, he says the reaction on the body may be way too violent for an ill cancer patient with weak nerves to imbibe. Blue absynths when taken too strong, are often way too fast for the human metabolism, so Stunny released the recipe of a brown bitter tannic-ascorbic-molasses for a more fool-proof version of the vegan cancer cure on his website, instead of the dangerous blue liquid carbon made from classic black Indian inks with ascorbics, such as once drunk in Paris' gay dens and prostitute parlours at the closing of the 19th century, which often caused cardiac arrests, skin ulcerations and gonorrhea if a person was low on fat. Famous deep blue bottles imported from China, traded the favourite secret of the "voluptuous" French prostitute spinning burlesque in clinched buskline of horned burgundy and a prick's right mole. However, the most safe and stable cure is made from the brown tangy carbon of the most humaine substance: SUGAR or vegetables mixed with sour ascorbics of lemon. Why?

Here's the explaination: Though any tannic-compound will work to cure AIDS and CANCER quickly, only a sour brown tang has got all the colour in it and is not an idiological base for race at all, since humus has differing shades of colour and causes a "variety" of vibrant flowers to grow! Stunny apologises for not breaking the limitations of nature, to name a cure that may be quicker than sour molasses. There are no snow-white or pitch-black people, and high speed is often harmful brinkmanship. Blue tannic-concentrates raise the heart-rate too high, and also cause psychosis, narric trips, melancoly and CARDIAC ARREST!". He explains that the Devil isn't wicked and God isn't a thoughtless philantropist; and form ONE logical maxim of YES and NO with LOVE and EGALITY in the middle. So, black carbons represent the ballance side of white glass cristal chalks in nature. Both trace-elements have plus and minus values and govern the amalgamation of all animal und human RNA-protein synthesis, when exposed to ascids or sulphers that are responcible for supplying texture and colour. Both black and white sides have tolerance scales wich run a maze of suitable biological conditions for diverse life forms in the colourful cosmos. These scales are governed by heat and cold thermics that are both fast and slow. So a White Caucasian is not helplessly bound to being cold to Blacks, like some yet insist on being to a mixed Stunny Pharouk meeting them the full way! - Therefore, can't an Arab snakeoil-Jihad do away with all Whites, or just do away with SOME?!

Both glass and carbon are extreme components in nature that govern the scales of transparency, dencity, durability and delicacy, for the curability of any living thing consuming a matter for growth. "Its like having left and right feet in the motor of civilisation on two legs moving forward without the walking stick from ageing Moses!". he says. Humans reside in the very heart-middle of a numeric table, like a bouquet of wild colourful flowers in a system the omnipresent horny Rainbow-GOD made. We are unique apparatuses built for bi-logical, bi-lateral and bi-sexual pleasure; and to go to extremes in any direction without hurting yourself or others is a pretty easy art; so therefore eating an animal or killing a human is violent and wrong, - and in medicine, it is forbidden to prescribe a chalk-silicon or carbon without reason. We need to keep a constant sane middle to preserve the body whilst devoted to life's fun acrobatic challenges. Too much black carbons without or without a FLAVOUR causes malnutrition and bruising, because carbons are meant to colour, insise, infrare and tan proteins, whereas steroids and fats are meant to accept, contain and frame carbons; yet the middling rule in between is a moderate FUSION of bot extremes using ascids and sulphers, which alow the body time to detain, use, circulate and thrive to the peak of our desired luxury pyramid.

"A car that backfires, can't pick up on speed, and a car that has no break-pads, will crash!" - says Stunny Pharouk. This fact is extremely vital to understanding both types of malnutrition doctors call "acquired iron deficiency symptom", AIDS. - A virus is a fuel-molecule that is only as wicked or as dumb as its dynamite doctor! Both extremes of Black and White can profer acquired immunal deficiencies, caused either by overconsumption of iron-repelling plasts, or by over-ingestion of fat-propelling carbons without sweet, sour, bitter or salt. Ascorbics however in both carbon and steroids keep you stable if you remain in the vegan middle with a mildly salted diet! Eating or destroying someone else's rightfully acquired growth development, by eating a pet or destroying his house, slows you down. Its a pre-calculated negative chemical result causing ageing, notable stupidity and an early death sentence. Its like steeling rights and money, without giving it back. The tell-tale signs appear on their own and curse you to death, whilst others snigger! - The high art is not to make GOLD, but to keep, hoard and use the middleing substances, wich are RAINBOW-COLOURED, if striking the ballance middle between plus or minus values in a food-pyramid's prism. Race is NOT important. When WHITE sugar is burnt to BLACKISH-BROWN and made tanic with ascorbics, you are assimilating what happens to red, blue, gold and green colour in the digestive tract, or when you mix all colours in an artist's water-colour set together, you get good SHIT that counts! So katalysis and kabalysis are of equal importance to creating harmless diversity, if you don't hurt anyone. To deviate from the middle without hurting yourself or anyone else, is an artist's pleasure-bowl of differing fruit.

So the freaky art is to recreate a shady paradise fruit-bowl where there is a desert, and means planting sugar and ascorbics to keep the fuggin' luxury. The need for sour molasses serves this end. Stunny claims: "You are what you eat; yet you remain clad in the skin God gave you, and are not capable of separating your left side from your right, to spite your own shade!". If Stunny Pharouk had published a cure-substance that makes you shoot past the stable middle, his listeners and readers would have died! Cures that attack or destroy the fragility of an ill person's nerves which are in need of convalescence, would be wrong. So please stick with ragatannic-ascorbic molasses, and cure yourself with Indian vegan diet and it's digestives. Do not go to hurtful extremes. Remain devoted to the planet's original luxury. That's all there is to understanding ancient Pharthian lifestyle in rainbow Egypt. Its in the all encompassing middle, and it's good taste of highly diverse sensual artforms. Sexual pleasures without sickness, are clad in fishy funky style, ALWAYS! - Life and vitality is the golden nugget at the end of a magical rainbow's carpet transport!

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AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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