Cool-jams Announces The Arrival Of “The Perfect Pajama”

Cool-jams Wicking Sleepwear has developed one of the finest pajamas in the world. The super soft fabric regulates the body temperature as you sleep, so you never feel too cool or too warm...always just perfect.
Nov. 23, 2009 - PRLog -- Cool-jams announces the arrival of “The Perfect Pajama”. This new sleepwear incorporates all the benefits of Cool-jams temperature regulating fabric technology for both men and women. The Cool-jams “Perfect Sleepwear” line includes pajamas and nightshirts constructed with a luxuriously soft micro-fiber wicking fabric.  The Cool-jams fabric has the ability to absorb moisture and heat while also providing temperature-buffering capability for extreme comfort. “The Cool-jams sleepwear fabric is designed to maximize your comfort level by balancing temperature swings while you sleep. Our technology is particularly appealing to anyone suffering from night sweats, hot flashes or those living in warm climates,” explains Anita Mahaffey, President and CEO.

•   Night Sweats are less frequent by actively regulating temperature
•   Reduces overheating by absorbing excess heat
•   Keeps you cooler by pulling the excess heat away from the body
•   Releases heat when needed to keep you warm, plus dries quickly so the body is never chilled.
•   Minimizes perspiration by pushing moisture to the outside of fabric and balancing temperature

You’ll always have a great night’s sleep because the body will never be too hot or too cold…always just perfect!

Cool-jams temperature regulating technology is a high-performance material originally developed by our Cool-jams product development team. It provides the technology of athletic wicking apparel with the softness of the finest sleepwear fabric. The fabric responds to changes in the body temperature while sleeping. Unlike traditional sleepwear fabric that traps heat, Cool-jams wicking fabric actually absorbs the excess body heat when the body becomes too warm, and releases it back when needed.  At the same time any moisture is pulled away from the body, so that the wearer stays cooler and dryer while sleeping. The result: reduced overheating, sweating and chilling so the body is never too hot or not too cold….always just perfect!  

It is common for people to experience restlessness as they cycle between feeling too hot and too cold throughout the night…they toss and turn as their bodies search for the optimal sleeping temperature. The heat-absorbing fibers continually absorb and release excess body heat to keep your personal microclimate in the optimum range for restful sleep. By eliminating temperature swings throughout the night, you are less likely to wake up from chills or overheating. The result is a deeper, more restful sleep.

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Cool-jams offers an innovative collection of wicking pajamas to help with night sweats and temperature regulation while sleeping. This versatile collection of sleepwear for men and women is available online at
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