Jewish Religion At The Root Of A.I.D.S. And White Racism, Says Stunny Pharouk!

Jewish Kabbalah says holy Lot had sex with his own two daughters as a cave-man! Is Jewish sexual philosophy based on any logic, if their most holy books bless the ludest sexual crime against their own humanity? - by Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Nov. 23, 2009 - PRLog -- After successfully getting Madonna's charity RAISING MALAWI to use sour Tannic-Ascorbic-Mollasses on the basis of the powerful EU chemical rights law EC-Ruling 67-548-EWG as the only working decalcitrant detox against any medical RNA-poisoning, and capable of also raising low malnutritional iron-count in AIDS or CANCER victims at the same time; Stunny Pharouk aswell as Madonna are able to cure HIV and rename the root cause of AIDS in religion and the reason for racism in the world.

Oddly enough, today when the world condemns German Nazism against Jews, and most Germans would bend over backward to be behoven to the questionable sufferings of a Jewish people, Stunny Pharouk blatantly condemnes the Jewish bible and its loud banging bells! Madonna's Jewish sect, the KABBALA CENTRE, was not surprised about Stunny Pharouk's attack on a most hilarious passage in the Tora which blesses the patriarch Lot for having had sex in a drunken stupor with his own two daughters, and living in a sex-mad squalor with both his female offspring in a cave, after Lot had lost his gay-friendly wife in the socalled divine destruction of the queer cities of Sodom and Gomorra. For any AIDS-activist researching the root cause of medical sexual stigmatisation against the most gifted members of society; you are bound to be spellbound when you hear about this shocking liturgical find. Equally surprising to us all, the Jewish passage in the Tora is found in Genesis 19: 30-38 of any Bible; and automatically questions not only the sexual foundations of the Jewish faith, but also the Christian moral of what is deemed holy. The sorded Bible account in Genesis 19:30-38 not only describes how often holy Lot's two daughters engaged in daughter-father bigamy with their drunken devout dad, but also that the youngest daughter incestuously detailed one of the conceived offsprings as one of her future husbands aswell, suggesting an ongoing pattern of incest, which is said to be the basis for two huge white cities in Isreal, and downgrading the White race in the process! The daughters of Lot are said to have been only 12 years old, and were not permitted by a White Jewish God to marry the cursed Black men who lived in ZOHAR, - a place-name carried by another holy Jewish book in Kabbalah!

Because of this, Stunny Pharouk doesn't buy any Kabbalah books that glorify the Torah or a Jewish race in ethical questionmarks, and the Jewish Kabbalah Centre understood his stand, if Madonna kisses equally blond Britney Spears on stage, while the books condemn Blacks as being the red cause for pig pink. Study of the Torah is redundant in original Egyptian Kabbalah, which glorifies homosexuality as societal leverage that naturally stops over-population. So, which Kabbalah does Madonna honour if kissing Kate or K.D. Lang?

Likewise, in Genesis 9:24-29 there is another similar account of Noah awaking from a drunken swill with his own Black son, to find that his son had played with his penis, and so pronounced a curse on all Black Ghananeans, whom the Bible's Tora linguistically identifies as the socalled cursed Canaanites. So who was Ham's mother? In this way, - from the Bible's catatonically ordained Nazi concentration camps of war-torn Germany, to its crazy modern pharmaceutical AIDS-labs in the USA; white homosexual business-men are idiologically driven out of the Western context of Jewish led civilisation, and into the condemned genetic foundation of Blacks, whom Jews call an evil ancient Egyptian race in make-up and mad sexual frivolity, who needed deliverance "from darkness!". So what is a Jew or an Egyptian, if both are guilty of pagan sexual conduct? The Jewish creed forces Jews to believe they had been destined to leave all colours and queerness behind, for the birth of an unmarried sexless ascetic White savior, called Jesus Christ who was called a madman by his holy mother Mary in Bible-book Marc 3:20-22, and verses 31- 35! How could holy Madonna mother of Christ forget God's sex-free immaculate conception, void of any Blackness? How could Madonna mother of God forget Mathew 2: 13-15 where God Yahweh raises JESUS from EGYPT at the Nile, and not from a horrid Herrodian kid-slaughtering Jewish backwater on the Jordan?!

Stunny Pharouk says: "Religious JEWISH books that condemn Egypt's Zionism and 5 sexualities are a proverbial headache, and have nothing to do with logical common scence or original sciences, and have created a highly unfair advantage against Black world-banks!". The fact is, all race-mixtures, wether Germanic, Indian, Greek or Chinese had always existed with African ones and been present in Egypt's obvious melting pot of both short- or long-strained genetics, called the catalysis of kaballism. The only law in existence is to never hurt anyone. Zoaneans have no notion of race and are Gypsies from Egypt, we call original Jews, who's linguistic label is taken from the word "Shabes", meaning ABESSINIA, or KABELLS and pronouced Khabeya, Hawella or Obeijah and meaning Sheba or Shiva, wich is JEW meaning BEAUTY, JEWEL or CHRISTAL. Jesus was not a real man, but a very flashy unmarried bling-bling! - The sex is on paper! Madonna and Stunny don't do anything other than lingual arithmetic called gramatria. The Zohar is not a book, but an occult alphabet. The religious Tora is found to be a fake bardic block that has created hate, dissention and disease for a very long time!

The Kabbalah Centre stated in a letter to Stunny Pharouk that the Tora was indeed not serving the highest good, and a senceless novel. No human book is infallible! The true identity and foundation of the Jewish nation lies in a holy land, who's Mount Zion and holy river are the Nile and its famous Pyramid, wich are the religiously ruined principles of the cradle of universal civilised artistic behaviour. An angelic blond Madonna needed not to have begged a money-washing White world for donations to help Black Africans, if in the tattered pages of the Torah, an old hate towards mixed Egyptian men in make-up, had not unfairly downcast coloured African families with an industrial sex-disease! No Black or White body can be in slave-service and told to die at the same time! Those who feel that they are the blondest and most Arian Jews, are going to serve the Blackest ends, and today's pink homosexuals are the richest givers from aeon's timely rainbow prism! - AIDS was an arts-war, and justice is going to be served. If choaking on White power is not what you crave, you will luuve sucking big Black sweeties!
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