Anti-ageing treatments can go wrong…..Kaya Skin Clinic tells you why?

Most people have no problems with Botox, side effects can occur if botox is not administered by an well-qualified dermatologists. Kaya Skin Clinic offers the following age-defying treatments which are safe and effective.
Nov. 23, 2009 - PRLog -- Skincare experts at Kaya Skin Clinic have warned that a simple procedure like  Botox® treatment could go wrong if not performed by an experienced personnel at any clinic as too much or too little of the saline may be applied.

There is a high chance of individuals running a risk of ruining their faces if the anti- ageing treatment is not performed under well-qualified dermatologists.  The basic step that is required for any anti-ageing treatment is to first have a consultation with a qualified skin expert.

We are all aware that the beauty industry here in the UAE region is growing constantly. In the past, spas usually offered beauty treatments such as facials, massages and hair removal - but are now spreading out into other areas such as Botox® and laser treatments.

Keeping this mind, it’s very important that we make informed decisions, safe choices for any cosmetic treatments. This would involve seeking a health spa which is run under the care of properly qualified physicians rather than trying to shop at a hair salon. Please be aware that non-surgical procedures does not necessary mean non-medical. Any sort of Injections, peels and lasers should all be performed by a properly trained clinician, a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.

If proper homework is not done by the individual involved when undergoing a Botox® treatment, the potential treatment could result in making the eyebrows or eyelids droop, and also cause bruising.

A lot of beauty centers offer fillers in which in which a substance is injected to plump up the skin to reduce wrinkles and make the lips fuller. There are more of these substances on the market of cheap quality. If not properly used/studied, the procedure can cause permanent lip swelling, scarring of the skin, cause allergic reactions and damage the arteries in the lip.

Another trend that we see are beauty centers are increasingly offering laser and microwave treatment to reverse the ageing process - both of which could be dangerous in untrained hands.

Last but not the least; never indulge in any anti-ageing procedures even if it’s non-surgical at any social gathering/hotel room.   People seeking treatments such as this should ask for appropriate qualifications, research the benefits and possible risks, and then make a judgment call. This decision should not be based on the cost factor at all.

As the saying goes, penny wise, and pound foolish…….. Let’s not fall under this trap of saving few pennies’s when the end result could be permanent disfigurement for life.

Kaya Skin Clinic offers the following age-defying treatments which are safe, effective, non-invasive methods of restoring muscle tone and lifts those sagging muscles.

•   Skin Renewal – Age Control
Benefits: Refreshes, re-tones and reduces fine lines/wrinkles. The end-result is a revitalized look with an evened skin tone.
Recommended for: Our skin over time is exposed to lot of harmful oxidative free radicals and along with its maturity: the skins ability to regenerate slows down. The two combinations together as stated accumulate the damage over time and degeneration begins to occur.
Visible results: 4-6 sessions

•    Face Firming- A non–surgical face-lift
Benefits: As the skin matures and ages, the muscle tone of the face and neck form wrinkles, fine lines and bags under the eyes. The Kaya non- surgical face lift is a straight forward procedure with dramatic effectiveness. It is a simple and quick procedure that can dramatically reduce and wipe out those the sagging facial and neck muscles to get the youthful look.
Recommended for: This service recommended for anyone who is over the age of 35 years and suffers from sagging muscle tone around the jaw line, have laugh lines and crow’s feet: would like to get rid of them, without undergoing surgery.
Visible results:  10-15 sessions

•    Kaya Photofacial-  A laser light treatment
Benefits: Unlike facials the Photofacial method helps to stimulate and redistribute collagen, thereby reducing fine lines & wrinkles, and also lightens blemishes & age spots.  The toned and youthful look is longer lasting
Recommended for: The service is recommend for anyone who is over the age of 35 years: whose skin suffers from age spots, blemishes, fine lines & wrinkles.
Visible Results: 5-8 sessions
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