Dealing With Bad Knees From Running - Prevention, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Do you feel like your knees have gone "Bad" when you try to run? If so, then this article was written for you.
By: Andrew Sims
April 5, 2011 - PRLog -- Running is one of the most popular athletic pursuits in the United States with aficionados of all ages participating in this form of exercise that can be both rewarding and painful. Yes, it can be unfortunately painful sometimes. The most common of complaints is from those participants who have bad knees from running. Regardless of age, it is something that most runners will experience at some point.

What Contributes to Bad Knees from Running?

A variety of factors can contribute to bad knees from running, not the least of which may include:

1.) Not enough time spent on warm ups and cool downs
2.) Debris in the running path
3.) Basic mistakes brought on by inexperience
4.) Inadequate knee support
5.) Pre existing genetic issues

These five factors are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg but each are just as likely to be a cause or be a contributing factor of knee pain while running. The first four of these factors are preventable, while the fifth may require medical intervention.

The Importance of a Good Running Mentor

Inexperienced runners should enlist the assistance of someone who has 'been there' so as to avoid making the common mistakes that so many have already made before them. This will no doubt include the incorporation of a proper and complete warm up and cool down routine before and after each run as well as wearing a proper knee brace for adequate knee support. Just as important is learning to be keenly aware of the path ahead so as to avoid potential hazards such as pot holes and debris in the road way.

An experienced running mentor has probably already dealt with bad knees from running - maybe they still do - and may be able to suggest exercises or even an appropriate knee brace that will help to alleviate the stress and strains that occur while you are training. If you do opt to wear a knee brace it is important to make sure that it is fitted properly and that you are wearing it correctly. To do otherwise is to risk further, more severe damage to your knees.

It is important to note that severe knee pain especially that which persists for longer than a day or so, should be evaluated by a medical professional to ensure no long term damage or injury has occurred. Torn ligaments, fractures and even torn cartilage or meniscus can lead to a lifetime of knee problems and seeing your doctor is the only way to know for certain if your bad knees from running may have been caused by these or by a pre existing genetic issue.

Bad knees from running are so common that a lot of people just ignore the issue thinking it will simply go away with time. Unfortunately this can often lead to increased pain and the potential for permanent damage to the knee. If you've tried a day of rest, over the counter pain relievers and ice packs and the pain does not lessen, you really should seek professional advice and consider the use of a low profile knee support for extra support.


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