Life Will Kill You. Researcher Believes Evolution is Responsible for Human Suffering and Death

Scientist now believe and research suggests that the human body plays a significant role in its own demise once past the reproductive years.
By: East End Health News
Nov. 19, 2009 - PRLog -- Live long enough and pain seems inevitable. Talk to any person above the age of sixty and you'll get a laundry list. Knees, elbows, fingers, back - and that's just the structural stuff. There is also the different ailments - cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, headaches...

For Dr. Michael Karin, Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the University of California in San Diego, this is not simply the bi-product of having lived long and hard. This is in fact evolution trying to get rid of us. The proof is insurmountable. The telltale  finger prints are at every crime scene. Whether it's a cancerous growth, heart disease or arthritis - they all bear the signs of inflammation gone awry. Our own body turning against us, assisting in the destruction of our being.

"Once you are past that reproductive age the species doesn't care, evolution doesn't [care] - there's no evolutionary pressure to keep you free of disease once you are past your fifties or even your forties." Dr. Karin says.

By evolutionary standards, the old require more resources to live than they contribute. If nature is anything, it is cut throat and efficient. Just spend an afternoon watching the National Geographical Channel. Living into our 70's, 80's or even our 90's just doesn't make evolutionary sense. Thus by the time we enter into our 40's we begin to notice the turn. Our body's slow demise. The aching knuckles, joints, muscles, the onset of diseases. It's trying to rid the world of us. You can't fight it - or can you?

Death, early death, anyway, need not be inevitable. But to understand how to resist the painful decline, you must first understand, as Dr. Karin and other researchers now believe, how inflammation lies at the root of all chronic illness. Cancer, for example, requires the proteins and enzymes generated by the body's inflammatory response to thrive and grow. Cholesterol in and of itself is quite harmless. Yet once the walls of our blood vessels become inflamed, it is only a matter of time until plaque builds up. Achy joints are commonplace. It is the inflammation that begins the process of slow painful deterioration of tendons, bones and  cartilage. It even causes wrinkles. To resist it, to resist time, you must resist inflammation.

Fortunately nature, the author of our demise yet also our savior, has produced powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that are known to snuff out the fires of inflammation. This was recently proven in the now famous Blue Zone studies, which sited an herbal tea regiment of freshly dried, unprocessed herbs as critical to a long, cancer and pain free life. Why herbal tea? Because when certain herbs are consumed from fresh, recently dried plants that have not been processed by an herbal tea manufacturer, they contain powerful COX-2 inhibitors. Beyond that, they can increase blood flow by thinning it, purify the body of toxins that cause inflammations, improve viscosity, decrease oxidation, and reduce the acidity that inflammations love. Homegrown's Herb and Tea's Sarah Richards, who has created one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory teas available, called Inflamma-Tea, has several teas that feature these compounds. Her shop, located in Portland, Maine and online at, has become a Mecca for those trying to resist the forces of evolution and have discovered the miraculous powers of herbal tea to do so.

"The Blue Zone Studies legitimized what we have been preaching since we opened," she says. "Drinking fresh, organic Herbal Tea is the best thing you can do for your health."

Among her teas that are cooling to inflammations and promote longevity are Arthritis Blend, Jewel's Focus Finder, Holy Tea, Pitta Plunge, and ever popular Herban Cowboy

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Homegrown Herb and Tea is an herbal tea apothecary located in Portland, Maine and online at We serve wellness tea, Ayurvedic teas and specialty teas.
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