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How to Own a Solar Panel DIY and Having Your Own Solar Powered House
By: Mike Dow
Nov. 16, 2009 - PRLog -- At present, buys land by Cade unites the Chinese Environmental protection Federation to conduct “the environmental protection vanguard - to seek for the Cade green family” and seeking the guide to build a solar panel together the activity, national like a raging fire expansion. And, reporter has discovered this kind of family ── from Shanghai Electric power Institute's Professor Zhao. He then DIY a solar panel, self-restraint solar electrical energy generation system, one year “has produced” informs by telegram 3068 kwh. People studies after Japan becomes repatriates, has wanted to learn the solar energy technology brings back to the home, the popularization promotion. Therefore, most of the expert has made a solar panel with electrical energy generation equipment on own roof.

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The entire equipment by the solar cell board, the invertor, the protection switch box, the electric meter adds on the electric wire electric cable five major assemblies to be composed. And, 18 solar cell board has composed a series connected square formation in the roof, solar panel installation and transforms the direct current the solar energy, then through the invertor its transformed deal discharge, output finally again through the protection switch box the electric current, had around 200V and ~fifty hertz(Hz) standards which our daily life needed to use electricity, install and forget. Since the overall system has been operational for more than one year, self made panel he make before that and now it is become easier for him to create and make solar panel. The daily power rate is highest may amount to 15.9 kwh, just do it yourself and you will get a solar panel system better than a pre-manufactured one. In future, this set of generating system altogether generates electricity 3068 kwh, while satisfies in the family six lives to apply flexibly the electricity, but also the surplus electricity upload to the national electrical network, will support the national construction.

Build Solar Panel Now

It is known that a solar panels for your home has a set of solar energy equipment spends about probably a few dollars, but  higher than many compared to the ordinary using electricity cost. However we still confident to the solar energy development's future. As that said: “the solar energy is the cleanest energy, simultaneously is also inexhaustible, inexhaustible, the prospect is huge. Using the solar electrical energy generation in solar panels for your home cannot calculate merely from its power rate itself, should the social contribution which and the social effect does from it comes up the consideration.” Read also this article talking about how investment on solar panels for your home is changing with wrapped optical fiber during time to time and how will it work at future from a renewable energy perspective. Diy solar panel isn't impossible since “the environmental protection vanguard - has sought for the green family” the active launch, already emerged many ingenious families “green” the drop, like the milk box makes the sofa, waters flowers automatically the accumulator and so on. , Some novel unique “green” the drop also has been cranked now up the TV serial movie, in United States and so on four place's television stations carries on broadcasts, promotes its environmental protection attainment to the nation, summoned that the more Chinese families join “the green family” the ranks.
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