iHeater Infrared Heater - The safe and Efficient Indoor Heater

Why risk the safety of your family and possessions when you can have a safe and energy efficient alternative that will slash your heating expenses?
By: John Boldthaus
iheater infrared heater
iheater infrared heater
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Nov. 16, 2009 - PRLog -- Infrared heaters are a welcome addition to the home for many reasons. They are cost effective, "green", safe and extremely efficient. An infrared heating system such as iHeater will easily save you 30% to 50% on your heating bills.This is an awesome technological advance in the heating market as winter is fast approaching and there is no relief in sight when it comes to lower heating prices.Electric infrared heaters are so economical that they only cost about a dollar a day to keep a space from 1000-1500 square feet heated.

An electric infrared heater operates differently than the typical electric heater. It provides "even heating"- meaning that the temperature within your living space will remain consistent. Unlike the traditional home heater, iHeater eliminates "pockets" of varying temperature change within your house. This makes the iHeater and any other infrared portable unit the ideal cozy heater for your home. Economical operation and superb energy efficiency makes infrared heating the most logical choice for your heating needs and will end up slashing your heating bills by up to fifty percent!

If you have ever used a portable room heater you assuredly would have noticed that you wake up with your nose all dried out or issues with dry skin. One of the many benefits of an infrared residential heater is that they do not rob the air of moisture unlike their counterparts.Being able to maintain a proper humidity level within your home is beneficial to your health and will help in keeping your skin hydrated. Thanks to this new and revolutionary heating method there is no longer a need to sacrifice one comfort for the sake of another. Enjoy efficient heating while maintaining proper humidity levels within your home.

As well, with the iHeater weighing in at 26 pounds it is the embodiment of portability.Its compact and wheeled design makes it extremely easy to move around the home or to relocate to another location. Most small heaters share this benefit but are also accompanied by some disadvantages- such as, higher energy consumption and loud operation. The fan system of the iHeater runs silently and will not disrupt your sleep or daily activities. This makes it the perfect candidate for a room heater.

As cold weather arrives the rate of residential fires significantly increase and this is due to the use of portable indoor heaters. The amount of fires caused by home heaters is staggering and very frightening. Fortunately, infrared heaters do not pose a fire hazard. Matter in fact, the iHeater infrared heater has been awarded the highest safety rating. Why risk the safety of your family and possessions when you can have a safe and energy efficient alternative that will slash your heating expenses? Infrared heating is the "new wave of the future" and its many benefits will make it the perfect and economical addition to your home. Finally, you have the power to make home heating affordable. Buy a portable infrared heater today and start enjoying the many features that accompany this new and invaluable technology.

John Boldthaus
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