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The TAROT forms the occult basis of Western civilization. Reclaiming the Lost TAROT delineates a complicated astrological machine, with this book its required manual, explaining how to take advantage of the machine.
Reclaiming the Lost TAROT
Reclaiming the Lost TAROT
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Nov. 14, 2009 - PRLog -- Many esotericists consider the TAROT to be the essence of Western occult study. I wanted to get to the root of it, and fulfilling that desire took me just short of two decades. Reclaiming the Lost TAROT has, as a result, now been published in order to initiate an revival amongst these esotericists, and that will be but part of its practical effect. We must have higher goals than the animals in order to, at the very minimum, keep our evolutionary eligibility of the human form. Without higher goals and a desire for spiritual realization, humans descend into lower consciousness.

Understanding the underlying principles of the Absolute Truth is integral to the process of the TAROT, but, especially in the West, this has either never been known or has been forgotten. I have noticed a huge gap, especially in relation to written documentation, concerning the interrelationship of TAROT knowledge with the Supreme Absolute Truth. Indeed, most TAROT writers have completely neglected this.

There are occultists who are not averse to Source. These people need special literature to help enlighten, encourage, and reassure them on the difficult path of esoteric life. Similarly, there are men and women who came to movements of understanding not for the purpose of great food nor to make friends nor to create another family circle. They did not join such groups in order to switch from one institutionalized religion to another or to become fanatics under the thralldom of some charismatic skewered personality absorbed in self-apotheosis.

Instead, it was occult realizations that led these special people to a higher octave of mystic interest, culminating in their joining a movement meant for self-realization. As such, development of occult knowledge remained most important to them even after they affiliated themselves with some particular organization or cult. Institutionalized delusions eventually and unfortunately corrupted some of them, and, in those cases, structure prevailed over realization. Those people will have no interest in this book, of course, and I have not written it for them.

In order to provide simplification and easy reading, I have often used the masculine gender when employing pronouns; it is not done for any other purpose than expediency, however. Effort was made to secure permission to reproduce the Egyptian TAROT designs, but the price requested was exorbitant. As such, this book is not visual, unlike virtually every other treatise written on this subject. I apologize to the readers for this setback, but, in some future edition, it may be rectified.

I am sharing with you my knowledge and realization on the epistemology of the TAROT, and there is no need to consider any of what I am going to reveal here to be controversial. You can take the knowledge and expand upon it; indeed, that is integral to the process of realization. You see, I have always stressed, in my writings, verbal communication, and activities, the importance of engaging intelligence in the service of Source. Intelligence is as intrinsic to consciousness as aroma is intrinsic to the Earth. Intelligence on its own does not free anyone from karmic, mishra-karmic, or vikarmic reaction, but a sincere study of the TAROT, in terms of its original principles, can help you on the path to liberation.

This treatise constitutes esoteric philosophy, but it is neither utopian nor idealistic nor hazy. There are mysteries in every department of life. When something is occult, that means its knowledge is hidden from the vulgar mass of humanity; the Sanskrit for this principle is gudha. When something is mysterious, effort must be made, sometimes in unconventional ways, in order to understand it; the word for this mystery principle is rahasya. Occult powers at any level are not given all of sudden; you have to earn them. I help you to earn them here. Such powers are dangerous when possessed by agnostics, atheists, and sahajiyas, but those people will not easily be attracted to what is revealed in these pages.

The word occult comes from its Latin derivative, occulere. This word means to cover over and conceal. The Absolute Truth is always concealed from the vision of the profane, but you did not purchase this book because of an affinity for association with those types of men. Realization of Source is preceded by different degrees of self-realization, which must entail a practical process. Many people are agnostics and atheists in this Iron Age of quarrel and hypocrisy, and Source must remain hidden from them. Technology not dovetailed to the Absolute is nescience, and esotericism not dovetailed to self-realization and Source can become heavy illusion. Source is revealed neither to the mundane scientist nor to the black magician; instead, only chaos is seen to ultimately rule in their eyes.

If you have special knowledge, you cannot just keep it closed up in a sealed pot: That knowledge is meant to be distributed. If you simply allow it to remain contained within yourself, then the pot develops a crack. The knowledge thus leaks out and dissipates to no one’s advantage. For years, I have prosecuted a diligent study of this science. I have finally come to conclusive understandings forming the basis of an occult dispensation. It would be a disservice to real mystics if I allowed myself to be intimidated by vested interests and failed to elucidate these findings.

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This publishing house is a unique contribution to the mystical section of humanity in that it transcends all mundane or dark objectives. The specific and unique standard of these publications is the transmission of occult knowledge that distinguishes reality from illusion for your personal benefit.
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