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Freedom Calls enables you to make Free calls to India by just dialling 042421557 or 042421558 or 0424215080 minutes or CAP minutes to make free international calls to India. Free International Calls to India | Free Overseas Calls to india| Call Ind
By: Sonya Arora
Nov. 14, 2009 - PRLog -- Welcome to the new age of Free International call Technology simply you can call the standard mobile number 0424 21 55 57 | 0424 21 55 58 | 0424 21 53 53.

After dialing when you hear the prompt, press 1 and then dial the international number you wish to reach including the international dialing code

Example when you calling India, dial 0011 91 then the number in india example 9829098290.
By using this service you only pay for the cost of the local leg of the call and most mobile phones in Australia have plenty of inclusive monthly cap plan minutes for calling other mobiles which in effect makes the total call overseas free.

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Free Overseas Calls Gateway Access Number 0424215557 | 0424215558

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Our Business

Freedom Calls is a telecom company committed to offering both business and residential customers low cost calls. . Freedom Calls is designed for anyone wishing to benefit from low cost phone calls, without having to register or prepay. are no connection fees or rental charges and rates apply all day, everyday. Customers can call our access numbers from any Australian landline or mobile phone*. Our service is simple to use. Dial the access number that corresponds with the country you want to call, followed by the country code and subscriber number.
Freedom Calls is a free promotional service for the year 2009 and hopefully will continue to be free in 2010. We are looking forward to launching a paid service later in the year with unlimited calling direct from your mobile; you will see something which you have never seen before. For media enquiries please send all emails to

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