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This blog will consist of many different benefits of b12 and why sublingual B12 is so much more powerful than tablets or liquids. Not to mention about escaping the expense and pain of B12 shots.
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Now, doctors everywhere are administering B12 shots to help their patients have more ENERGY.  Yet, the shots are often painful and expensive. So is there another way?  A simple, affordable, and less painful way? Yes.

Here is the important, simple solution to get the B12 you need. In 1984, a patent was awarded to Dr. Alfred Libby, M.D. for his formulation of Sublingual B12.  Dr. Libby also added B-6 and folic acid to enhance the medical benefits of the Sublingual B12.  This original Sublingual B12 melts under your tongue and speeds the essential B nutrients directly into your bloodstream where they immediately begin to help your body.

Vitamin B12 – and mental function.

There is strong clinical evidence to support the link between essential nutrients and vitamins – particularly Vitamin B12 – and mental function.

Studies have shown that a B12 deficiency may decrease levels of substances needed to transmit nerve signals. This reduced ability to transmit nerve signals has shown up in brain tests conducted on children with ADHD. In people of any age, this problem with nerve signals can lessen or damage mental functioning.

Other research indicates that those who have a B12 deficiency can have mental and physical problems, including inability to focus and forgetfulness.

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