Expatriate Looking for Job Opportunities in China? Employment Opportunities in China?

Expatriate Looking for Job Opportunities in China? Employment Opportunities in China?
Nov. 11, 2009 - PRLog -- SHANGHAI, the money capitals of China, has one of the highest degrees of internationalization around the world. Despite the financial crisis in 2008 or the SARS outbreak back in 2003, the city continues to attract thousands of professionals and talents from overseas each year. According to the latest report from the Shanghai Municipal Labor Bureau, the number of foreign workers in Shanghai has jumped by 13 times since 10 years ago and currently there are over 68,600 foreign workers in Shanghai in total.

So what attracts these people to come to Shanghai? And do you want to know what you can do to take on this challenging and yet rewarding career journey? Then you have definitely come to the right place, read on.  

There are a number of reasons why so many people have decided to come to Shanghai and China for works. Apart from the culture and life style, people choose to come here for their career.

-   MORE CHANCES, MORE OPTIONS: Unlike most overseas markets, the Shanghai market is growing rapidly, with many of the vacancies remaining unfilled due to severe skill shortages in technical roles, especially in the accounting, banking, financial, IT and legal sectors.

-   FAST TRACKING YOUR CAREER: China has a fast pace life style, the same applies to career advancement as well. Personally, I have seen people who make into GM positions within 5 to 6 years with the company. You will also find that, these skills and experiences are internationally transferable. Future employers will also look at applications more favorably too with this international exposure.

-   THE MONEY ASPECT:  Companies in China tend to award their employees base on performance which means that there is a higher potential for earning a higher income, as long as you are prepared to put in the work. The basic salary could seem a bit low from the US or UK standards, but the annual bonus / commission could make up a substantial difference.

-   BETTER FUTURE PROSPECT: Depending on the industry and how well you work, but in general, annual income in China rises about 15% per annual across the board, with Shanghai rising by 15.68% and Beijing rising by 17.35% per year. (source: China Statistical Yearbook 2004-2009)

-   BETTER LIFE STYLE: China is still at the beginning of its growth phrase, average annual income per capita currently stand at about (est.) 65,000 RMB in Shanghai and (est.) 66,000 RMB in Beijing. However the good news is, as a foreign worker with relevant industry experience, you can expect to earn somewhere from 2 to 15 times above this level and living a lifestyle envied by others.

-   SUPPORT FROM LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The local government encourages foreign workers to come to China for works and provide many tax benefits for foreign workers.

Where do I find works in China?

-   Send me an email on asaeugene@gmail.com (I am a recruitment consultant)
-   If you are working for a MNC already, the best idea is to see if there is any potential for internal transfer.
-   Speak to your friends in China to see if they have got any good suggestions.

Find a good recruitment consultant that understands your needs.

I have spent a few years in Hong Kong, LA and Sydney in the past. Now I am in Shanghai as a recruitment consultant specializing in the Financial, Banking and Accounting sectors, I know how it is like to move to China for works. I love to help out people, so you are welcome to send through your resume to me. I also got colleagues who work in different sectors as well, so feel free to pass me your details at the email address below.

**All information received will be treated confidential**


Eugene Yao is a recruitment consultant base in Shanghai, China specializing in Accounting, Banking & Financial industries. Before coming to Shanghai, he was a freelance journalist specializing in conducting media interviews with many of the well known CEOs, CFOs and business leaders across US, Australia, HK and China. His articles can be found on Reuters 3000 Xtra, Bloomberg Professional, Dow Jones Factiva, Financial Times Global Media, Yahoo News, Google News, Baidu News and more.

Contact Eugene Yao   
Email: asaeugene@gmail.com

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Eugene Yao, international financial journalist, conducts interviews regularly with listed companies’ management from around the world. His articles can be found on Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Google News and finance etc...
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