The Key to Innovation is Recognizing It When You See It

There are lots of ideas out there. But how do you identify them, and keep the best?
Navigating The Creative Process: 6 Steps to Creative Success
Navigating The Creative Process: 6 Steps to Creative Success
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Navigating The Creative Process
Steve Nubie


Winfield - Illinois - US

Nov. 7, 2009 - PRLog -- Winfield, Illinois – The best ideas are still out there.  How many have never seen the light of day?  That's the dilemma facing many organizations as the demands of an ever tightening economy drive more and more companies to the safe comfort of status quo.  "No one can stand the risk."  This according to Steve Nubie, the author of a new book on creativity and innovation.
       "It's so tempting to play it safe but the big leap to success means finding new and unique approaches."
   Nubie's book, Navigating the Creative Process: 6 Steps to Creative Success is the result of 35 years in the creative business from advertising to new product development to TV and film.  "Even in the best of times many people have a hard time pursuing ideas that seem uncomfortable or difficult to understand.  Fortunately, the entrepreneurial spirit remains with us resulting in breakthroughs like the iPhone,, and eBay."
   Not one to mince words, Nubie sees a common problem in the pursuit of innovation. "It's a catch-22.  We love problems.  We're problem solving animals and we love to find solutions.  Where we always get in trouble is when we have to approve the ideas.  That's when our propensity for finding problems puts creativity to a stop.  All we tend to see in new solutions are more problems rather than focusing on the opportunity or the way to empower the new concept."
   Across the 6 chapters of the book Nubie outlines the 6 steps.  "It seems counter-intuitive to put a process behind creativity but this isn't about personal creativity. There are plenty of wonderful books about finding your inner-creative self, or new ways to find ideas but it all falls apart when you have to produce ideas in a business environment."
   Nubie's background includes stints in creative departments at global Advertising Agencies from J.Walter Thompson to Leo Burnett, McDonald's and the entertainment industry from CBS to The Twilight Zone.  "Business is about creative-on-demand."  Nubie said.   "There's often no time, not enough money, little information, and approvals vary from insightful to panicked.  The best I can do is break it down into 6 steps, and if one barrier emerges along that meandering path - the ideas die."
   While Nubie acknowledges that the burden for innovation falls on the shoulders of the innovators.  Not everyone is innocent.  "The people who are empowered to approve ideas have a tremendous responsibility and it's quite frankly ignored by many companies.  I have seen brilliant ideas wither and die at the hands of people more interested in their boss's opinion than their responsibility as an innovator or entrepreneur.  My telegram is simple:  tell them what's right before you tell what's wrong.  If there's one simple insight that I hope people glean from the book it's that collective search for what's working and what's right."
   Steve Nubie's book Navigating the Creative Process: 6 Steps to Creative Success can be found at or at

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About The Author:
Steve Nubie has been writing professionally for 35 years. He has 3 books published including Navigating the Creative Process: 6 Steps to Creative Success. In it, he leverages 3 decades of experience working commercially in creative. It’s the first book that takes a look at the key factors and critical success factors across the entire creative process from insight to marketing.
He has also published No Time Like the Present ,a time-travel novel based on 20 years of research across historical texts, scientific journals, linguistics, mythology and comparative religion.
Most recently, he has published an anecdotal cookbook titled Real Men Eat Meat. In it he examines the curious relationship men have with certain recipes and cooking styles that range from the primitive to the scientific.
Nubie resides in the Chicago area where he continues to work as a brand consultant, iPhone app developer and writer.

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