Madonna's Raising Malawi And Stunny Pharouk's Sect-free A.I.D.S. cure!

Why RNA science is stunned by Stunny Pharouk's tannic acid and why the cure for AIDS automatically helps stop the spread of snakeoil restaurant terrorism, if you kick the White doctor out. - By Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Nov. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann's chemical exposure of SILICON as RNA caused the suicide of Germany's once richest pharma-magnet Mr. ADOLF MERCKLE of RATIOPHARM, who threw himself before a moving train in Germany last fall for breaking the EC's Ruling 67/548/EWG on the illegal use of radonuclear substances in drugs and humanitarian aid! Merckle's company is facing millions of court charges in landslide cases demanding astronmical amounts in damages against AIDS stigmatisation. Stunny Pharouk may not resemble the favoured blond Jesus Christ to many medical elements in the Western press, who had him illegally jailed in 2004 without a court trial or lawyer; yet his AIDS-cure of tannic concentrate, as published for free without a patent on, is yet again through the arch of triumph with Madonna's RAISING MALAWI foundation, to save the lives of Malawi's AIDS-sick children overnight! - The credibility of her charity, called RAISING MALAWI, as yet another publicity stunt by yet another blond Western star, had to be put in the right perspective. Stunny Pharouk is a Western Egyptian Wedjah't Kabbalarian and doesn't belong to - nor take bribes from her Jewish-led religious sect, and therefore he is not treated like a blond Jesus Christ either. Like a true Black Jesus Christ, he makes no money from his cure of thousands of people, and received no donations. As for publicity; what is rich Madonna doing right, that other poor stars aren't? Do Black people in Afrika need a blond Mary Mother Of God with Black eyebrows? The answer to that question is an ideologically guilt-ridden: YES!

Tannic-acid concentrate is of ancient African origin and made in its most aboundant amount from sugar cane mollasses! AIDS is the easiest human state to cure. The biggest disease has nothing to do with SEX or sex-appeal in any broken form or practice, but everything to do with the jealousy in it! AIDS also has NOTHING to do with us Asians, but everything to do with our veganism! AIDS has been wrongly called an infectuous disease, and with the long Western reposal of the old EC-Ruling 67/584/EWG and Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann's recent easy public assimilations of what RNA-science really was, makes thick scoline tannic cures perfect dark composite RNA similatory compounds, supported by healthcare professionals who back the EC law, whilst pissing in white lab-coats! Stunny Pharouk's absolutely stunning sect-free revelation of SILICON as liquid RNA, supports South African President Thabo Mbeke's earlier claims, that AIDS can have just about any refractive reason in malnutrition, and the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh had already proven that AIDS is cured if irons don't go missing in the body due to malnutrition. - But, it was Stunny Pharouk who exposed fake RNA-science to its brittle white bones, like a two-armed molecule should!

Human genes need the composite chemical half of strong TANNIC compound reserves to remain healthy and immune to any molecular lack we call a disease, and AIDS can even come from an over-consumption of salt or natron! The new explaination that a VIRUS is a harmless chemical molecule, instead of the fiction of a malicious intelligent microscopic lifeform, holds true. Human health is therefore made up of accurate control of simple nutritional knowledge, and non-control of Gentile genitals. - Christ is a prismal rainbow of colour through God's clear cristal, and CHEMISTRY gets its name from the Egyptian word KHEMAT in African Kabbala, where precisely MADONNA is right now! AIDS was actually no big deal to a pyramid all along!
The fastest possible cure for Michael Jackson or Moses' wife going white with leprocy, is to use tannic sugar-cane molasses from Africa, which is made within 20 minutes by burning alittle household sugar to bitter black molasses and diluting it with sour tropic lemon. It is ancient Egyptian Kabbalistic medicine, and based on African Sugar-Cane-Candaces who stir a pot of Voodoo like JOSEPHINE BAKER did! - And if you hate the truth about MARLENE DIETRICH; leave the planet!

Stunny Pharouk's open unselfish revelation of the overnight cure for AIDS became crucial to Madonna's humanitarian believability, because sugar comes from Africa, and sects and religions are often based upon money and sex-vetos! Today, critical gay spectators have been cured of HIV and its former religious stigma! The American media-disease upheld by religious fanaticism faking iluminatism, had unfairly marginalised white homosexuals and Black families, and upheld ideological condemnations of both groups, through the 5 books of Moses in the Jewish Torah; - a book condemnig homosexuality in every semitic religion that keeps Black Jesus from having MONEY! - So, where is Stunny's money?

White racist doctors practiced hidden homosexuality with Black men on the sly, says Stunny Pharouk, with the cold experience. His indecent exposure of the double-bubble standard, sparked reformist-muslim and white gay chemical AIDS-revolt by means of international intercity restaurant snakeoil terrorism with silicon sexglide in the food of Western tourists and heterosexuals, who believe they own the world of a footloose rising Jesus Christ in his "unmarried state"! A cheap dark cure for a white extreme did not call for anyone fat to hop before a moving train! - It woudn't stop for you, - even if you blew it! So, drink dark tannic-acid concentrate molasses and quit crucifying the mix of a half-heavenly Egyptian; just to murder international human rights based in sexual reason and modern EG-European laws! - He did not create your religious stupor, nor your private jealousy! - Get comfortable about your own sex, if Christ never needed a divorce!


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AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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