How to repair a SD/CF Card-with a internal card reader sata usb?

How to repair a SD/CF Card-with a internal card reader sata usb? sometimes,it's easy to resolve this problem with an all in one internal card reader with hub sata port.
By: jackdrogba
Oct. 30, 2009 - PRLog -- With the rapidly declining price of flash memory cards, the capacity gradually increased to FLASH memory card for storage media, SD card, CF card, U disk and other removable storage begin mass popularity. Attendant problem is physical or logical damage to the flash memory card is also gradually increased. In fact, some small problems can still own to deal with. References to fix the software from the Internet, we do not repair any use of this software responsible for the consequences into the photo, but also hope that in peacetime the main use of the proper use of their own hands, SD, MMC and other cards, to avoid the undesirable use of habits.  
1, use of an alternative method to analyze and confirm problems with components: the replacement SD card, if the other SD cards can read and write properly, it is SD card problems; otherwise may be card readers, or is the computer-driven and other issues. then,check it with a internal card reader with sata.
2, in Windows, "My Computer" right click, select "Management", in the open "Computer Management" select "Storage" - "Disk Management", which was generally can see all the disks and their status, and the can modify the properties. (Note: The use of mobile phones are usually FAT format to format the SD card, do not select FAT32 or NTFS format, the specific reference to mobile phone manual).check the slot of 3.5 all in one  internal card reader. You can get more information about it at:  
3, if you still can not read SD card data, it is proposed to connect the case of SD card to restart the computer to restart after the "Command Prompt" executed "chkdsk [drive letter:] / f", check the SD card.  
4, if the above three steps still not solve the problem, you need to use the manual fix (for computer expert) As follows:
aThe system for XP the SD card into a card reader connected to a computer USB port.  
b enter the BIOS, set the CD-ROM to start.  
c into the XP installation CD-ROM, pretending to install the system, reach the disk partitioning screen, pointing to the USB disk (ie SD card) to partition, NOTE: only to a district  
d press F3 launch the installer.  
e re-enter the BIOS, set the startup disk into the XP system, the mobile hard disk formatted as FAT format, and do what the disk check will do.  
f the SD into your cell phone or digital camera and formatted it again you're done!  
5, if the above are not the recipe for work, you can try U Disk Repair Tool (PortFree Production Program 3.27) U Disk Repair Tool (PortFree Production Program 3.27)  
6, the software usage:  
1. Click on the software the lower right corner of the "OPTION".  
2. Please select "Others", select "Type" -> "Removable"  
3. Please select the "Capacity Adjust", here, select your U disk capacity; if there are no size you want, click the "ADD", filling the capacity you need.  
4. Choose "FlashTest", select "Low Level Format"; there are two parameters, one is the All Blocks (it means is a low-formatting the entire disk), the other is Good Blocks (It means that only low-format of a good block; this parameter contains a bad area for U-disk)  
5. All the above methods according to your selection, click "OK", save the settings, and then received a computer, U disk, click "RUN", starting with low formatting

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