Edenly SA Release The Diamonds Box - An Innovation In Giving Gifts

Edenly believe that giving jewellery need never be a headache again, with the Edenly Diamonds Box. Edenly presents a simple way to maintain all of the surprise and thought of a jewellery gift, whilst letting the recipient make the final decision.
Oct. 29, 2009 - PRLog -- Edenly have revolutionised the pleasure of giving and receiving gifts of jewellery with the Diamonds Box.

For guaranteed success with a "gesture of love", Edenly offers an innovative approach to offering a gift.

Edenly has realised that it is often very difficult for a man to choose the right piece of jewellery, and have created the perfect method of removing all of the hesitation and worry from the decision. No longer will this pose a problem, as it will be “Madam” who decides!

The principle of the Diamonds Box is simple:
Sir offers his loved one a luxurious case containing a book of 30 pieces of jewellery that Edenly has carefully selected from its most popular items.

Madam makes her choice, then to receive her desired piece of jewellery simply connects to http://en.edenly.com or calls our customer service team on 0800 915 026 with the details of her preferred piece.

The jewellery will then be delivered at the specified time within three weeks, free of charge. It will be delivered with its certificate, in a display case along with a jeweller’s magnifying glass and two white gloves, symbols of respect for the jewellery.

The Diamonds Box is priced at £175, but this will be a well kept secret! The customer does not have to worry about the recipient discovering the cost if they do not wish them to do so.

From a diamond solitaire to a ribbon ring, from a white gold heart pendant to half-moon earrings, Edenly offers a large choice of very creative and high quality pieces of jewellery with this service. Please visit http://en.edenly.com to see these pieces. Each diamond selected has undergone a detailed inspection by one of our expert jewellers, passionate about their work, for the customer's peace of mind.

Founded in 2008, Edenly is a specialist in the online selling of diamond jewellery, based in Geneva and serving the whole of Europe.

To find the Diamond Box and the full collection of Edenly diamond jewellery, visit http://en.edenly.com.

Edenly is also launching the Diamonds Box Prestige, which at £450 offers even more, with new designs and a higher diamond caratage in each of the carefully selected pieces.

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Jordane Jedwab (j.jedwab@bmrp.fr)
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About Edenly SA: Edenly is an online jewellery boutique, established in 2008 to specialise in 18 carat gold and high quality diamond jewellery. Based in Geneva, Edenly serves the whole of Europe. Edenly deal direct with the manufacturer, reducing costs for the customer.

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