Will New Moon Eclipse Twilight?

PartyIdeasParade.com asks, "Will New Moon Eclipse Twilight?" Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga books and the Twilight movie have created quite a stir. You can find Twilight and New Moon jewelry, clothes, bedding, games, party ideas and costumes!
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Oct. 28, 2009 - PRLog -- Will New Moon Eclipse Twilight?  How do you think New Moon will fare against Twilight at the box office?  The first novel of the Stephenie Meyer Saga did quite well when it was released last November.  On opening day it grossed 35.7 million (35,700,000.00) and as of Sept. 2009, the Twilight movie has grossed 383,520,177.00 in world wide box office sales.  Will New Moon be able to keep up?  I think it will.  

Will Eclipse be able to keep up with the first two movies of the Saga?  I don't see any thing stopping the Twilight machine.  Stephenie Meyer really bowled us all over when she created the Twilight characters.

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, the two teen lovers, give us all a taste of something special.  That special love we all want, the undying kind.  Alice Cullen has that with Jasper Hale.  Rosalie has it with Emmett and Dr. Carlisle Cullen has it with his wife, Esme.  The humans in the film don't have it, well, the Quileutes do, but they don't count as human.  Whoever thought I'd be crazy about half the cast of the Twilight movie?  

At first, of course, my favorite characters were Edward and Bella, but I quickly related to perky, quirky Alice Cullen.  And what character is more romantic than the strong, beautiful, silent type, so I warmed up to Jasper too.  As I got further along in reading the Twilight Novels, I came to understand Rosalie and found her to be just as special as the rest of the Cullen's, just as loving.  At first, she came across as a princess, but you find out that she would give all the glory we see in her being a vampire, for one small human lifetime.  And it's funny that Rosalie's lifetime would include a white picket fence and a family.

Take a look at all the great Twilight stuff that is out.  You can buy the books, the DVD and the soundtrack, but there is an entire world of Twilight merchandise out there for the Saga's hungry fans.  The ones, like myself, who cannot get enough of the Twilight books, movie and music.  There is now lots of Twilight jewelry, costumes, games, bedding, clothes, boxes, posters, pictures and anything else you can imagine.  Today I saw Twilight band aids and there are also Twilight Conversation Hearts.    I bought a pack of them and of course, I own a set of the trading cards too.

Yes, I believe that the answer to the question, Will New Moon Eclipse Twilight? is a definite yes!  And by November 26th most Stephenie Meyer Twilight fans will be drooling at the bit for the release of the third Twilight Saga novel, Eclipse.  I will be one of them.   Well, I'm using Twilight party ideas in November, so I've got to go and order my Twilight's New Moon party supplies.  And the New Moon T shirt I am going to wear to the movie release next month.  I want a T shirt with a V neck so I can wear my Twilight jewelry, the new necklace I just got.  Did you see the Twilight bed spread?

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