Stunny Pharouk's Muslin Muslim's Snake Oil Jihad!

Stunny Pharouk unveils the Egyptian origins of the word JIHAD, and why AIDS is an old oriental snakeoil-war, and cables, bugatti and naging notions elegantly descend and ascend the holy steps of pyramid worlds! - By Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Oct. 27, 2009 - PRLog -- "Slippery but dry to the touch; - thats a hot and fast snaky something down south!" says Stunny Pharouk; "But even snakes deserve to live, if they fulfill their divine purpose!"  he sniggers, while rattleing his Egyptian Meduso of a hundred and one free-falling see-pharing knots!
Stunny Pharouk is the only Marrakh in Europe and ironically posesses the family name and title Pharouk KalaM'Harraq Bin Nhur, from which Marrakh is taken, and synonymous with the names MOROCCO and AMERICA, and representing splitt halves of our central world perception.

The classic White German act of human-rights heresy, in which Stunny Pharouk was illegally inprisoned and beaten in 2004, and his extraordinary Pharaonic hairstyle nazistically shredded off his head with a pair of electric pliars, and the mad Egyptian left rudely to discover he'd been raped under an overdose of injected American SILICON and almost killed; triggered among staunch muslims and religiously defecting islamists a unanimous political nautiousness against White-race egomania over perceived Jewish mirror reflections! Cinderfeller's ash was barely there, and yet his seven Neither had to be silenced forever, before any horny Police follow him home for the balls. - But, alas, the crack in the frame; - Stunny's sex had all happened in London already, and lost on film! - His street-name stuck, and the biggest balls were had.

Stunny Pharouk had exposed that 90ml of silicon in food will profer fake HIV-lab diags, and in so doing unwittingly ignited an age-old human war. Its the biggest most treacherous war fought not for any oil, - but precisely with ANY oil! Clumsy overbearingly proud Westerns get nuked with snakeoil downtown, and Stunny Pharouk's website proudly proclaims the cure for snake-sniggers and AIDS! Ironically, the ancient Abessinian word "JIHAD" now home to Arabic religion, is coined of two words; the Hindi word "Ghi" meaning OIL, with "hada" in Syrian meaning SURPRISE-ATTACK, as Djihad is linguistically taken from CICADA, - to spring like an insect in order to surprise. It is Koran-keycode Gramatria for a sudden and jolting "sick-stomache", - translated in Egyptian as HAR-MAGEDON, meaning "hairy intestines", or to literally vomit lintballs as a kit-paster or bast-cashmere manufacturer! - Instead of hell, anyone who uses pastes, will fall sick of cat-guts and hepatitis, after inhaling bensol-silicon glues too long. AIDS is sudden cinematic explosive Chinese kinetics, to hail a magic rainbow in the year of our cum!

Today Harmageddon's hairy stomache lies attractively hidden in the underbush of French gourmet salad in malevolent restaurants or Turkish take-outs; sultrily awaiting her prey like a cold cat. She has nine inch nails, wears black and waits at tables. Legendary Josephine Baker is rumoured to have used this pragmatic way of reminder, to illustrate how easily public order is tilted by abysses of sins; - and had become a star in so doing, after revealing to butt-naked bankers what GOLD, glass and all the brass have in comon with "the big Black bottom!". - It is the classic type of Harmageddon Stunny calls the "oldest chintz creeping in like a thief in the night, for the horror of those who are deaf by choice! - Snake-oil wars pull the tablecloth and all that goes with it!", - he laughs.

Yes, Harmageddon is kinder karma, - and to be anointed with OIL, is to have a blue-blooded celestialite halo of STARS, like a crowning of GOLD, and be mighted as king under the black velvet cover of darkness!...or whatever the dollar-note whispers about "copulating inuendos" and "rising heads" in open aristocratic annals, and the like. Stunny Pharouk's silenced phantom rhetoric stunned millions of people, steaped in 30 years of medical mayhem and false numerical TV. They say his fluid explainations of the most expencive things ever simpler to grasp, than any fraudulent university paper or religious balderdash. Likewise, he says, "GOLD is a fusion of glass with brass and rhymes, just the same!", - so whats so expencive about that, excepting the lavish name, if Jesus Christ broke bread from stone?! And why didn't we ever hear his hardhitting money-joke before?! - We still live in dank and dreary mideaval church dungeon, and ancient heathen brethren were always adept at using TALCUM as a nuclear vehicle of solar light in any burnig fuel used for cooking, warfare or plastic arts. At best, says Stunny; "is a pyramid a tower made of fat, and TALKUM can become BREAD; like SILICON is RNA and means my body!".

For anyone not fairly abreast with the latest poison antidote; today, the slickest snake bares its venomous fangs in Europe's most snugg and pulsing cleavage in the hidden backdoor down south! - Damn the kebab shop! - Quantum quarz is the POWER of the PEOPLE!

# # #

AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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