Tents are for Camping - Hospitals Have Walls! Real Hospital Surge Capacity Solutions are Available!

Hospital patients deserve better than a tent! H1N1 National Emergency has been declared. The PMG PORTABLE HOSPITAL SYSTEM is fully scalable, fully functional, and has real walls! The PMG Portable Hospital Systems Provide Real Surge Capacity!
Oct. 27, 2009 - PRLog -- Are your alternate care site plans adequate for the coming surge of influenza patients?

PMG Portable Hospital Systems Provide Real Surge Capacity!

Our rigid-walled, modular system provides REAL clinical care space…not a tent!  The PMG Portable Hospital System allows your healthcare institutions to maintain standard service levels in the clean, climate controlled environment your clinicians and patients expect.  
Your patients deserve better than a tent!  PMG’s PORTABLE HOSPITAL SYSTEM is fully scalable, fully functional, and has real walls!  When you activate your hospital’s disaster plan, maintain full revenue in your alternate care sites without leaving your campus!  Maintain patient revenue and surge capacity….Anywhere!  Flu season is just starting….the worst is yet to come.  There is still time to develop a real solution.

Because the President has declared a National Emergency, HHS now will be able to give your hospitals more leeway in how you handle incoming surges of patients with H1N1 influenza.  Are you ready?  Are you really counting on a tent to provide the environment of care that your patients expect?  Are you really going to shut down your community’s infrastructure such as schools and auditoriums to provide services in a degraded environment of care?  THERE IS A BETTER SOLUTION!

The PMG re-locatable hospital system may be set-up to meet any of your anticipated surge needs – it is fully scalable!  If you need a complete 500 bed stand-alone facility or a 10 bed triage site, or any scaled solution in between, our system can be deployed directly to the sites of affected hospitals.  There is no site preparation or heavy equipment needed to deploy our system.  It is completely terrain-conforming and can tolerate extreme grade changes and variable surface terrain!

Need negative pressure isolation capability?  The PMG re-locatable hospital system can be deployed quickly to meet your negative pressure and isolation needs to ensure minimal spread of infectious disease in your alternate care sites.


Glenn Miller
Managing Partner
PMG Associates, LLC.

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PMG Associates helps hospitals navigate the current threat environment and face the many challenges of hospital emergency management, disaster planning, regulatory and standards compliance, preparedness, response, recovery, and surge capacity.
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