Branyon Integrative Medical Group Announces New Financing Options for Patients

Branyon Integrative Medical Group is excited to announce that they have officially secured financing options for patients that wish to enroll in the Origination Medicine treatment program.
By: Branyon Integrative Medical Group
Oct. 27, 2009 - PRLog -- The Directors of Branyon Integrative Medical Group in Scottsdale, AZ, are excited to announce that they have officially secured financing options for patients that want to enroll in the Group’s treatment programs.   Mark Branyon, the company’s Business Development Manager, stated earlier today, “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to reach out to more people that have been looking for integrative medical care but have been unable to afford it.  This is a major milestone for our patients, because now they aren’t forced to rely on what their insurance provider will and will not cover.”  Branyon Integrative Medical Group specializes in the integrative treatment of Cancer, as well as other diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and COPD, among others.  

“I was diagnosed with emphysema in 1999. By 2007, I was on oxygen for most of the day and all hours of sleep,” says Cliff G., one of Branyon Integrative Medical Group’s patients.  “The procedure was uncomplicated, and without side effects of any kind. Now, eight weeks later, I am out on the riding mower, mowing our acre of yard!”  Cliff acknowledges both good and bad days in the fight against his emphysema, but states that his decision to be treated at Branyon Integrative Medical Group “was one of the wisest choices made during this disease process and I am expecting even greater gains as time goes by.”

Branyon Integrative Medical Group offers its patients a specialized treatment protocol known as Origination Medicine ©, which consists of an impressive combination of therapies that stem from both traditional and alternative medical ideologies.  The Origination program is also combined with access to autologous therapy and umbilical cord blood stem cell therapy.  Branyon Integrative Medical Group acknowledges that stem cell therapy is not an approved treatment option in the United States and is not FDA approved.  All patients interested in stem cell therapy are referred to a partner facility in either Mexico or Panama.  

Dr. Fredda Branyon, NMD, the Founder and Director of Branyon Integrative Medical Group, collaborates with international experts in order to continually improve existing protocols.  Branyon Integrative Medical Group’s treatment strategy incorporates the best modalities of both worlds, mainstream and alternative, according to individual needs.  For questions regarding Origination Medicine ©, the New Hope Method © of cancer treatment, or other treatment protocols that are available, contact Branyon Integrative Medical Group at (866)524-4673, or email

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