Who can Apply for a Cash Genie Loan?

Cash Genie, the short term loan lender, has set out criteria on who can apply for a Cash Genie short-term loan. The responsibility of Cash Genie and the customer is also mentioned, ensuring a responsible lending policy.
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Oct. 27, 2009 - PRLog -- It is always confusing how you apply for a loan purely based online and who can apply for it. Technology is so fast nowadays that application checks can be completed in real-time online, meaning companies can see whether customers fit the relevant criteria. Cash Genie makes sure that it is easy and convenient for customers to apply online. More information can be found at http://www.cashgenieloans.co.uk

If customers want a short-term loan with Cash Genie, then a few criteria must be met to qualify. But don’t be alarmed, most applications meet the basic criteria:

1.   Customers must be 18 or over
2.   Are employed
3.   Earn at least £500 per month
4.   Be a UK resident
5.   Have a current bank account with a debit card

Cash Genie welcome homeowners, council tenants, private tenants, housing association tenants or people living with parents. Cash Genie also does not undertake a credit check on customers, however does help people with good or bad credit history. The company will check that customers live where they say they do, but will not undertake a full credit check. Taking a loan with Cash Genie can boost customer’s credit rating if the short-term loan is paid back on time, if not then a customer’s credit rating may fall!

Cash Genie takes the responsibility to not lend to people who can not pay it back. This is all for customer wellbeing and safety as the company does not want its clients to get into debt. It is in Cash Genie’s best interest to make sure customers can pay the loan back to ensure a good relationship is maintained the payment is received on customer’s paydays. However customers are urged not to borrow money from Cash Genie if they are considering Debt Management, IVA's or Bankruptcy.

The purpose of short term loans is to act as a solution to temporary cash flow problems; it is not intended for sustained borrowing over long periods. Cash Genie do as much as they can to ensure clients do not borrow more than they can afford to pay back, however it is customer’s responsibility that this does not occur so they do not fall into debt. Cash Genie urges customers to think carefully before taking out a loan and ensure that they are able to repay the total outstanding balance on the due date.

In conclusion, Cash Genie monitors all applications and select customers for approval who meet the set qualification criteria. The Cash Genie service team will process the loan the same day as application and customers are able to have the loan amount in their account the same day. If customers are unsure about whether they can apply for a loan, contact processingteam@cashgenie.co.uk.

If you would like more information about Cash Genie, take a lot at the company's blog at http://www.cashgenieblog.co.uk and comment on relevant posts.

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Cash Genie is an online based lender of short-term loans. The loans range from £75 – £750 and can be deposited in customer’s bank accounts on the same day as the application.
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