Tips for Choosing a Replacement Sony Laptop Charger

There are many alternatives to Sony's standard laptop charger on the market. New technologies now mean AC adapters can be auto voltage switching, have built in surge protection and more. Some of these traits are examined in more detail.
Oct. 26, 2009 - PRLog -- When buying a new Sony laptop, the user will receive a new Sony AC adapter with the package. As well as charging the battery, it also powers the laptop. This can be convenient if the user likes to bring their laptop around without the weight of the battery, for example. However, most of the time due to circumstances beyond a person's control, the AC adapter could be damaged or lost. This is reasonably normal, and most laptop owners own several AC adapters throughout the lifetime of their laptop. The problem is that replacement Sony AC adapters are usually very expensive from the manufacturer, and build quality is inferior because the user may receive an original, several-years-old model of a charger.

When choosing a new Sony AC adapter, consider the following.

Many different AC adapters exist, and choosing one is difficult if the customer wishes to make an informed choice. There are typically two types of universal AC adapter: manual selection adapters, and automatic adapters. Manual AC adapters mean the user would have to manually select the laptop's voltage on the charger. These are usually acceptable, but choosing a voltage often requires precise selection and may not work with all laptops because of fixed amp ratings. Also, if a wrong voltage is selected, the AC adapter can potentially short circuit and destroy a fuse. While this is normal (to protect the laptop, the AC adapter's fuse gives up instead) it is still not a desired outcome! The alternative is an automatic AC adapter, which detects voltage and amperage automatically and requires no adjustments. The best AC adapters can work anywhere in the world as well as with any major laptop brand.

A good universal AC adapter is not only a practical, potentially cheap alternative to a Sony AC adapter, but has a superior build quality. It does not just exceed both UK and EU materials, RoHS, and safety standards, but may also have a USB port for added functionality. This can be used for charging USB devices as well as a mobile phone. These are features that are not available on a standard Sony issue laptop charger. AC adapter makers in the UK are few and far between, and so high street prices for AC adapters are overinflated. Prices for better chargers are not usually any higher than the typical OEM charger.

For more information on universal laptop chargers, see - information the latest laptop charger technologies and features are available here.

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