Med Net Direct Introduces Washable Puppy Pads

Customers Say: Washable Puppy Pads work and are Eco-Friendly!
By: Med Net Direct
Nov. 9, 2009 - PRLog -- Valley Stream, N.Y.-  These days everyone is making an effort to be a little more environmentally friendly when possible. Med Net Direct has made it easy for our green-minded customers to train their pets in an effective manner, while helping the environment by introducing Washable Puppy Pads!

Med Net Direct, the name you trust for the bestselling Best Puppy Pads, now offers the same high-quality puppy training pads you are accustomed to in a washable, reusable variety. "We are thrilled to offer an alternative to disposable puppy pads for eco-friendly consumers," says Med Net Direct VP Kerry Perissi. "We have had such a positive response from our customers since we began offering Washable Puppy Pads, and we are proud to be the premier source for eco-friendly pet training products."

Med Net's Washable Puppy Pads are available at great prices for our customers and come 24 to a pack. Each Washable Puppy Pad can be withstand up to 300 washes, ensuring they will last until  your pup is fully trained. With washable puppy pads, there is no need to re-order, saving time, money and the environment.

Washable Puppy Pads are just as absorbent as regular puppy pads, and when your pup is through, you simply wash, dry and reuse! Keep your floors, carpets and furniture free from messy accidents and leaks! Washable puppy pads are stain resistant and absorb odors too!

Many pet related businesses are discovering the cost-saving and environmentally beneficial perks washable puppy pads bring to their businesses as well. Vet offices use soft, washable pads to keep ill pets comfortable, breeders are using them to clean newborn pups, and pet groomers and using them as an highly-absorbent alternative to towel drying clean pets. The uses of washable puppy pads are endless! Purchase yours today!

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About MEDNET Direct Corp.

Leveraging technology to get its products from the manufacturer to buyers in the most efficient means possible, MEDNET strives to save customers time and money. It accomplishes this by direct supply through Dukal Corporation products, one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of premium quality medical supplies and Puppy Pads, medical-grade underpads for dogs. This partnership, plus MEDNET's cutting-edge services, is what guarantees savings to its customers and clients, helping them gain that crucial competitive edge in the disposable medical supply marketplace.

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