Xowii Launches Healthy Energy Drink Containing Kona Red Coffee Berry

Xowii is one of the first health and energy drinks that taps into the health and regenerative benefits of the kona red cherry.
By: hilry thomas
Oct. 24, 2009 - PRLog -- XOWII PRELAUNCH

XOWii drink is featuring one of the highest levels on Antioxidants of any Superfruit known to man. XOWii Coffee Cherry is a superfruit that has an Orac rating of over 40,000, which is about twice that of the Acai Berry. XOWii is one of the first health and energy drinks that taps into the health and regenerative benefits of the red kona coffee cherry. Experts believe that high ORAC foods have the power to slow down or prevent negative changes to the body that cause aging and illness.

XOWii Energy Drink's Red Coffee Cherry has an unprecedented level of antioxidants which neutralize free radicals. This gives XOWii the protective benefits to help us prevent disease, resist skin damage from sun exposure and delay aging. And its abundance of desirable nutrients is the right mix for a balanced healthy diet, making it the next superfood.

XOWii meaning "life" in ancient Greek, offers an opportunity that encompasses all aspects of life, energy, youth, lifestyle freedom, and commitment to the success of the individual. James Christiansen, a recognized leader in the direct sales industry, and Richard Kelly, a successful Southern California businessman, teamed up to create XOWii and believe that XOWii's product line reflects the philosophy of health and vitality.

Hawaii grown KonaRed Coffee Cherry as being containing the highest concentrations of antioxidants we found, making it one of nature's top antioxidant superfruits. As the first KonaRed Coffee Cherry based energy drink available, XOWii debuts first in its product line, XOWii Energy filled with healthy antioxidants and naturally occurring energy boosting properties.

XOWII Energy is an all-natural superfruit packed energy drink that delivers subtle yet long-lasting energy with no added sugar or harsh stimulants. Additional ingredients include plant-based glucosamine for joint flexibility, and a superblend including the acai berry, aronia berry, concord grape, and elderberry for a powerful mix of essential nutrients and antioxidant compounds.





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