Best Home Based Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray

8 proven tips to get rid of mosquitoes at home to protect your family all times.
Moz Away mosquito repellent spray
Moz Away mosquito repellent spray
Oct. 22, 2009 - PRLog -- Moz Away mosquito repellent spray is made of natural ingredients, non- greasy, non- alcohol and DEET FREE. MOZ AWAY is specially formulated to pH5.5. It is chemical free and no artificial fragrance and suitable for all skin. It is gentle on all skin and washes off easily. It is safe for children and babies.

How this Home Based Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray becomes popular household brand today:

Characteristic of this spray:
• 100% natural plant oil (DEET FREE)
• Long protection hour
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor
• Non greasy, staining and alcohol free
• Safe for baby and children
• Suitable for all skins
• Easy to use and carry especially when you travel

Usage instructions with tested and result provened:

1) Hand/ Leg/ Body/ Face (External only)
Spray on hands, legs and body when mosquitoes are active. For face, spray onto hands before apply.

2) Shoe cabinet/ wardrobe
Mosquitoes like to stay in the shady and windless area such as shoe cabinet and wardrobe; you may spray few times into cabinet or wardrobe to cut down mosquitoes to fly in.

3) Clothes
Spray onto clothes before wear especially when you intend to go out at night.

4) Plants/ Flowers
Mosquitoes like to hide around home plants or flowers; you may spray onto plants or flowers to repel mosquitoes and harmful insects immediately.

5) Car
Mosquitoes like to fly into car at night or early morning, spray few times into car then leave the door open for 1- 2mins before get in.

6) Bedroom
Mosquitoes are active at night, spray few times into bedroom before go to bed.

7) Window / Door
Mosquitoes always fly into house through doors and windows, spray few times to the side of doors and windows to cut down mosquitoes fly into the house.

8) Dustbin
Because of the wastage foods, other than flies, mosquitoes also like to fly into dustbin, spray few times into it to cut down mosquitoes and flies.

# # #

Moz Away mosquito repellent spray is a 100% natural made mosquito repellent spray with deet free and no side effect to adults, children and babies. Because it is natural, safe and effective, Moz Away mosquito repellent spray has becoming popular household brand in the market today.

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