Six Tips For Choosing A Permanent Makeup Kit

Be interested in how the permanent eyebrow was made, and wondering whether you could do it yourself. Here is some advice.First,permanent makeup pen.Second,varieties of needles in bulk and sterile packing,then pigment,anesthetic,aftercare products....
permant makeup kit,tattoo makeup pen,pigment,accessories from
permant makeup kit,tattoo makeup pen,pigment,accessories from
Oct. 22, 2009 - PRLog -- Thing like cookings, washings,babysisting,makeups can be very funny at the beginning, we simply enjoy doing them. But if we are asked to do them everyday, they will not be funny but regarded as boring trifles. And indeed, most of us think that we have spent too much time on living trifles. Life can be easy by using some good ideas. Some ask for mammies to look after their babies, some prefer to eat outside everyday, others will throw their eyebrow pencils and lipsticks away and have permanent cosmetics. Also, straight their hair permanently. Wake up with makeup, this can be one of our lifestyles.

   To cut some time and work out of your daily makeup routine especially in the morning, trying permanent makeup is something to consider. If you are interested in how the permanent eyebrow was made, and wondering whether you could do it yourself. Then here is some advice.

   Like the process of tattoo, they put the molecules of pigment directly into the basal layer of the skin, which means between the muscle and the cuticular layer. Different color come with different facial parts. From eyebrow enhancement,eyeliner to lipliner, all permanent cosmetic colors are natural as the designs are intended to resemble makeup.

   Permanent make up, it’s not a professional only concept, if you are interested in it, you can learn how to do it at home with the proper equipment. Permanent supplies are readily available for order online. However, if you're just starting your permanent makeup practice, you must be sure to cover each important supply in your first order. After you get the basics, you can start investing in additional products to get better effections.

   First, invest in a fast and easy permanent makeup pen,also called tattoo makeup pen which should come with its own battery so there no cords to adjust. The permanent makeup tattooing pen should run 1200-1800 RPM, and variable power adjustment for fast and slow settings. Comparede to unadjustable power, it’s easy to control at your will.

   Second,Buy a variety of needles in bulk and sterile packing,unless you have already got a ultrasonic cleaner or a autoclave which may be a little too much for your budget. And get the needles in different sizes so you’ll have needles for all procedures.

   Third, choose makeup pigment which should contain at least 10 Different Colors. And if possible, you might also want to add some more popular designer colors that you would use straight from the bottle.

   Fourth, Get an effective topical anesthetic. You should only need one type. And be careful to communicate with your physician to make sure it won't react with any drugs you are taking.

   Then, a few aftercare products, such as mini ice packs, salve or soothing gel eye masks. They will help your makeup heal quickly.

    Last, browse store website to learn from those who offers it. They sure know more than you, and they are at the same time very glad to tell you this. Keep your mind wise and clam, and you’ll find your ideal permanent makeup pen kits. Here is a store which offers permanent makeup pen,pigment,accessories. Refer to and talk with them, learn from their knowledgeable blogs and videos.

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