Stunny Pharouk On Racism In Germany!

The fall of AIDS, the snakeoil-war, and why Germany's age-old obsession with being "better than", rather than "as good as", blows up like a bomb, and Asia can't stand the stench of the White egomaniac. - How extinct is White? - By Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Oct. 18, 2009 - PRLog -- Stunny Pharouk: "My father is German; so I was treated badly from day one. My white father punished me for being a gingerbread baby, instead of punishing his own dick for being lost in a hot black oven!" - Stunny goes on, "My own father flung me 4 yards against a wall at age 2 because I was the darker one of twins. He discovered me drawing perfect birds in flight, ...and when he thought I had become a mentaly retarded child from the concussion, he quickly formed a company using my name as an aliby to hide his treachery on the violent Rasta island of Jamaica.

"My mother was a language professor who couldn't leave 5 kids in the lurch! - I was the darkest of them all". Werner Starzmann was affraid he had made his son mentally ill by abuse! - But instead, Stunny started painting realism at age 3 and designing and cutting garments at age 6 and wrote tons of illustrative books and earned money for his fathers grafic-arts business whilst still a child and never saw a penny for it. His mother nurtured his sanity. When people who were unaware compared a 10 yearold's artwork favorably with the work of his famous 45 yearold designing father; this made his father hate his son even more, until the German father was driven to regretful drinking for driving a carpenter's pencil deep into his son's upper arm. German police did not heed the call of a distaught "Black" mother.

The picture-perfect family had arrived in Germany to learn the language when Stunny was a tott, but Stunny was stricktly threatened by white homosexual teachers in school who touched him up as a novel gingerbread child, and was forced to become more perfect than other kids, or be unfairly stigmatised as "a dirty boy", and often beat up after class. His father had no uses for his darkest son and his perfect mother attempted to save him whereever she could. He gradually became a chronic bedwetting autist, who pulled wadds of his own hair out in the night! "I became too silent, and was often treated like I was stupid by my siblings.. or not a member of the family!" - Things got worse and the child was sexually marauded in German schools by both female and male teachers.

"I know Germans very well!" - he says, "They have a sexual obsession with solariums and tanned skin, - and the popular German sticker on every street corner in Germany saying 'EIN HERZ FÜR KINDER' (have a heart for kids), made his Zoanese mother think they weren't capable of being nice to them!". So when the Interpol arrested him as a grown man in 2004 without a charge of crime and pulled him back into Germany after 26 years of good ridance, the shock is; he was raped under amphetamines in German prison aswell! -The psychy of the white public has a terrible problem in the world!

The hate-obsession that Germans have with briliant coloured kids grapples the mold when you look at Stunny Pharouk's life story. Having blown the whistle on SILICON as RNA-to-DNA relation to AIDS and shamed the racially driven obsession on genetic studies in universities, he not only embarrases young ivy league scientists like BETH SHAPIRO, over European industrial manufacture of fake cowsmilk from flour with natron sugar and grassoil for KARL LAGERFELD'S familiar bastions, but also defrocked the Nobel Prize foundation with ease!

Stunny Pharouk did not do like most Asian doctors making US-money off RNA-secrets to the detriment of their own folk, and has exposed this simple knowledge to a vast modern world held in stupidity by propagandist window-technology. The white public is currently terribly peaved with just one man. "My computer is the most hacked in the universe for having had a white father!" - Stunny Pharouk is a hated white man in Black skin he need not tan on beach or solarium, but endures added brutality by an over-aquisitous White society in an obsession with Egyptian antiquity. They asail him for the crime of being the product of his White father's hisbonically errant penis with a Latin-Walisian negress of Zoanese extraction! The White race has been madly scratching at the bits for cultural and racial selfesteem that leaves us Chinese asking them: WHAT'S WRONG???

Stunny was imprisoned thrice without a court case or charge of crime, - is facing yet another illegal inprisonment for exposing a tax-evading doctor in a state not really threatened by tax-havens, if printing money themselves! -And he's been attacked by Whites for wearing nuclear gold in his Marrakh hair! - "My mailboxes in Germany show signs of vandalism from crowbars; I'm lucky if I get my bills on time!". - He was once violently pushed by 3 fat German women off the sidewalk into moving traffic, he says. "German women in particular hate anyone not blonde to be genetically in posession of something Egyptian their Bible has cursed!", - Yet, down the corner of where he cures dozens of sick White gay HIV-anonymists a week, a famale beauty parlour in racial identity-crisis on the Weseler Strasse, hung an aggressive window-sized photo image of a lillywhite Egyptian queen in badly designed jewelry and makeup more resembleing a Spannish Mantilette, rather than any blonde person hiding their albino fringe under black flaxen! Stunny's eyes are also however tatooed, and won't come off on a camel sa'phari. Cultural misunderstandings do happen in the white world. They forget that the Third Reich was voted into power by Germans and the country was by no means kidnapped by just one little man with a "diddy little" before his chosen lips.

Stunny Pharouk, who's sexuality is widely only spectulated over, is decried as the "only" gay male in the extremely gay cities of Cologne and Duesseldorf; - where the dishonest pink thousands hog his website in secret, - yet are quick to down gallons of African tonic "Tannine Molasses" to cure the disease as they go along. They all used nuke for sex and got HIV, but are stigmatised by their own White society for not knowing about its toxicity being absorbed by the walls of the rectum. This was not Stunny's fault. - He never used it. If Stunny Pharouk was ever to claim that his bi-sexuality had been a diplomatic psychological ploy for the benefit of getting Germany's gays with HIV out of hiding and volatile towards a cure with African tannine molasses, - Stunny Pharouk would have been a dead man in Germany a long time ago! "I'm the pipe-piper of HAM, and Germans are cowards who attack me in a hordle or from the rear, and melt with every hypocritical complement, - they're so conseated!"

Such is the modern shame of a White society who fought a millenial battle against tanned skin, only to look rather odd buying suntan-lotions.

Adding the haunting point, he says, "They all want sex with me, but its not about being on top or first; and I have no uses for racial politics over sexual positions of submission in bed!"

"They wink in secret, but am publicly ignored for curing cancer and HIV overnight with a dark substance like African Molasses and are afraid of their demented Iluminati, - and don't understand why I am the impala untouched by the predator!" - As usual they will try to upstage him with cheap imitations from Hollywood for all the world to vomit! - They hate India so much!

Yes, Germany and its Europeans are not like most Chinese or Asians. - Instead of being tasteful about avarisiousness, they loose the plan on the long haul, and display messy elbows on stage and hope to not be the only ones looking bad in the group photo! Facing international extinction by snakeoilwar, for perverting the world through medical egomania would scare the mickey out of me! Snakewars are real and take on grander proportions than what meets the eye! Why did they dance at the eye of the vulcano, if knowing the likelihood of falling in?! Stunny Pharouk is a simple human product of AIDS-free SEX with a BLACK woman, and as a tan-man he would be my Asian weapon of choice, if I lived in Europe. - Luckily I don't!

# # #

AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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