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Electrical Engineering: All you want to know about electrical engineering jobs, electrical engineering technology, electrical engineering production, free electrical engineering software, electrical engineering firms.Read these entries!
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High Pot Test
High Pot Test
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Oct. 15, 2009 - PRLog -- Electrical Engineering: All you want to know about electrical engineering jobs, electrical engineering technology, electrical engineering production, free electrical engineering software, electrical engineering firms.Read these entries!
Solutions Electrical Software
Solutions Electrical Software is a place you must visit!:Solutions Electrical started producing Electrical Software almost ten years ago in order to eliminate outsourcing and reduce the reliance on others. John Wood, an electrical Design Engineer with over 30 years experience in the industry, was quick to realise that there was an easier way of doing things. The benefits were threefold: outsourcing became a thing of the past and unnecessary people were removed from “the design equation”, this dramatically reduced the costs because now all designs, calculations and drawings could be performed “In-House” by just one person, speeding up the whole design process.

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Domestic Green Engineer - An Emerging Profession
Role Of A Domestic Green Engineer:These engineers help the builder's to make green buildings, and homeowners to practice sustainable living. Thus, they help in protecting the environment, saving money, and building a healthy community. The homes and buildings are big emitters of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. By making small changes, like using energy efficient appliances, homeowners can considerably reduce their carbon footprints. These engineers are trained in various aspects, like electrical systems, plumbing, installation of solar heating systems, rainwater harvesting, etc. They help to build homes that make maximum use of renewable energy resources and are energy efficient and in sync with the environment. They help to reduce the electricity consumption of the buildings by using optimal electrical solutions, and green plumbing practices.
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Hipot (Hipotential) Test
Sri. Natesan writes about Hipot (Hipotential) Test in his authentic article!The connection : One of the cores of the cable is connected to the Positive lead (blue colored cable) of the high voltage transformer and the other lead of the transformer is connected to the earth. Other two cores are shorted and connected to earth point. Armour of the cable and the gland are also connected to earth Connection : Another view The High Voltage Transformer : This transformer can produce upto 80KV. The stepped up ac voltage is rectified in this transformer to DC before applying on the cable

The controller : This equipment controls the voltage. The measuring instruments in this equipment are a volt meter and an ammeter that can measure current in micro amperes. Ammeter shows the leakage current during high voltage test
Exothermic welding of earthing cables
This is a simple process employed in jointing cables. This method of jointing cables is widely use in Earthig cables. In cathodic protection system also, cables from the anodes are connected to the cathode using exothermic welding. Cathodic protection is a technique used to prevent corrosion of underground vessels, pipelines and any other steel structures. The equipment to be protected is electrically made a cathode and another metal which has excess electrons to loose made anode. When a small DC voltage is applied across these two electrodes, with the anode at positive potential and cathode at negative potential, there will always an electron flow from the anode to cathode. Cathodic protection is not in the purview of this write up.
Route survey for Extra High Tension Tower Lines
A large quantity of electric power is transmitted from Generating Stations to Load centres by Extra High Tension Tower Lines. Normally generating stations are situated at remote places and load centres are industrial areas and commercial areas. Gigantic Extra High Tension Tower Lines mark the symbol of industrialization and development. Drawing power from generation stations mostly far away from load centres across different types of lands is an application of engineering excellence.
There are different stages in the construction of Extra High Tension Tower Lines. The first stage is the process of identification of the route. A team of electrical professionals will go across the land and study the type and details of the land where we have to run Extra High Tension Tower Lines. A modern survey team carry latest equipments like GPS etc. A GPS system or Global Positioning System is very helpful in identifying the three dimensional co-ordinates of the place we visit. These points can be plotted and reproduce a detailed sketch of the land. Later the most feasible Extra High Tension Tower Line Route will be decided. It also depends on various factors like geographical conditions, economic feasibility, convenience, land cost etc.
Extra High Tension Tower Lines require a route map and profile. Earlier this was a very painful and time consuming. But the modern technologies like GPS, Arial Survey and Total station etc mad this process very easy.
Normally a Extra High Tension Tower Line Route Map in a convenient scale and a profile map in scale where horizontal points are marked 1:2000 and vertical points are marked in a 1:200 scale. This profile map is used to compare with conductor sag template and decide the tower details.
I would like to mention about professional survey teals like North Dakota engineering in this blog. Professional surveyors can conduct Oil & Gas - Engineering & Surveying, Land Surveys, Topographic Surveying & Mapping, Aerial Photo Surveying & Mapping, Boundary, Property, Right-of-Way, Easement, ALTA Surveys and Land Development - Engineering, Surveying, and Planning. Any survey must closely assisted by professional CAD team. Computer Aided Design and Drafting make things easier and faster. For Route survey for Extra High Tension Tower Lines there are more recent developments help everything up to estimation from CAD Software.

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A breathing Transformer
Oil filled transformers 'breath'. As the temperature increases, volume of oil increases and when temerature goes down, its volume decreases. So, during expansion, volume of oil increases. As a result, air, present inside the transformer tank is displaced by oil. Now, this air has to be evacuated from the tank. Otherwise, the air will get compressed which will result in increased pressure inside the tank.


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