Homemade Costumes & Cheap Costume Ideas

Spend less with these cheap Halloween costume ideas. These creative, homemade costume ideas will help stand out keep cash in your pocket.
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This is crazy! It’s already October. Can you believe it? I sure can’t. The holiday season is upon us and first at bat is Halloween.  In my opinion, Halloween is such a wasteful holiday.  I don't even know why we celebrate it.  I bet you don't too (don't you dare Google it).  I have always had a hard time selecting the right costume for me.  One time, I lost a bet and had to buy this inflatable Ostrich costume that quite frankly was the most hideous thing I have ever seen.

Imagine me trying to ask a lady for a dance while having that on.  LOL.  "Hey girl, do you want to dance with me and my ... ummmm..... ostrich?"  After that Halloween, I vowed to never wear such a wasteful costume moving forward.  The 3 years following that debacle, I spent less than $20 each year for my Halloween costume dressing up as a nurse, Vulcan, and sheriff, respectively.  Yeah, I said VULCAN!

Here are a few other money-saving costumes.  The key is to work with what you already have or can borrow:

For Men & Women

Geek Squad from Best Buy. Simple starched white shirt, clip-on black tie, black pants, white socks, and black shoes. Add a pair of cheap reading glasses with a thick black frame for the full effect. Megan Fox loves nerds (she said so on Conan)!

Starbucks Barista. Borrow a green Starbucks apron from a friend or buy one. Then purchase a latte and save the cup! Easy!

Walmart or Target Employee. For Walmart, navy blue top/cardigan/vest and khakis. Photoshop and print out a badge and head out to your local office supply store for lamination and clip. For Target, Khakis and a Red Shirt / Polo.

Safari Guide / Zookeeper. Wear a khaki top and bottom with a khaki colored fisherman’s hat

Nurse. Borrow someone’s scrubs

Surgeon. The Nurse costume with the addition of a mask and bandanna over your head

Chief of Surgery.  The Surgeon costume with a lab coat

Graduate.  Wear your old graduation gear. It’s probably dusty and full of moth holes, but at least you’ll look “accomplished”

Mechanic.  Borrow a jumpsuit

Fighter Pilot.  The mechanic costume with aviator sunglasses

Cowboy/Cowgirl. Tight jeans, plaid shirt, and bandanna around the neck. Buy a cowboy hat if you have extra money

Bicycle Cop. White polo, sunglasses, dark shorts, and a helmet.   So Easy.

Tourist.  Hawaiian shirt, a camera, puka shells and shorts.

For Men

Male Stripper. Requires little to no costume.  Add a Bow-Tie.  Haha

Werewolf.  Go shirtless, buy fangs and wear jeans. Voila instant Twilight Werewolf.  It helps if you have a 1 pack or a keg.  Chicks dig it.

For Ladies

Sexy [profession goes here]. Put on something really sexy.  Look in the mirror and figure out which profession matches your outfit.

Banshee.  Long white night gown. Add tons of powder to your skin to pale out.   optional: spray in white streaks into your hair for an added effect.

You have any other suggestions for cheap and easy Halloween costumes?  We only have a two weeks left!

La revedere (Romanian)


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