Stop Phone Stalking Me - How to Reverse Trace Phone Stalkers and Put Them in Jail

Getting repeat calls from an unknown caller? You may be the victim of cell phone stalking - which can lead to much more serious crimes down the road. Here are some valuable proven methods you can use to stop phone stalkers dead in their tracks.
By: Beth Conners
Oct. 13, 2009 - PRLog -- Cell phone stalking crime is at an all-time high in the United States - according to the U.S. Department of Justice. In the U.S. alone nearly 1,000,000 women and 370,000 men report being victims of phone stalking crime each year. Some phone stalkers have even been known to cause over $1,000 to their victims cell phone bills.

Cell phone stalking can also lead to much more serious crimes (such as assault, rape and murder) and is imperative that you put an end to it as soon as it starts. Here are some proven methods you can use to stop phone stalkers dead in their tracks.

Make a Record of the Harassing Phone Calls

Keep a notebook and small clock by the telephone for convenience. Use an answering machine that has employs a tape (rather than a digital recording system) so you can easily send a copy to the phone company and police. It is imperative to keep all harassing activity recorded, labeled and carefully kept in a safe place so that it can later be booked into evidence as needed.

Simply jot down the time of the call - and then file a complaint with your local phone company. All major phone companies provide a resource for customers receiving harassing calls - and most phone companies will require you to file a police report.

The trouble is that many phone stalkers call from a "private" or "blocked" phone line that prevents your caller ID from showing the stalker's name. Pressing *69 immediately after receiving the call will get you the stalker's phone number - but the authorities will take you much more serious if you provide the stalker's actual name.

Helpful Online Reverse Trace Resources

Online "reverse trace" tools are easy to use and are very useful in these dangerous situations. Simply enter the caller's phone number into an online box and instantly get valuable information about the stalker.

Most of these online reverse searches provide a printable full report about who owns that phone number - and it only takes a few seconds. The report includes the caller's name, precise map to the address, names of all people living in that household, as well as other valuable information. You can then give this information to the police who can then pay an in-person visit to your stalker, (a very effective deterrent).

A recommended online reverse trace tool can be found at - It provides an invaluable service at a very reasonable rate, ($9.95 for a single report, or $39 for unlimited reports). Many people opt for the unlimited reports in case the stalker switches phone lines.

Do Not Encourage the Stalker

On the very first unwanted phone call - firmly tell the harasser to stop calling you - but do this only once. Many Stalkers want to get a reaction from their victims -  which feeds them to call even more. Simply hang up the instant you realize the call is from the same harasser - and again, remember to write down the time of the call.

Assume responsibility for your own protection. If you must go out at night, begin to carry one or more personal safety devices with you at all times.

Lastly, don't go through this trauma alone - tell your friends and families about what is happening. There are also support groups you can join that can provide you support as well as further information of what to do.

People shouldn't be afraid to answer their own phone - but now there's something we can do about it.

Stop Phone Stalking - Reverse Trace - Put Phone Stalkers in Jail

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