Final Expense Leads from Direct Mail NOW Available as low as $9

Final Expense Leads from Direct Mail are now available as low as $9 for LifeAgents.Org Agents. Up to 115% +++ Final Expense Commission Levels PLUS Final Expense Leads subsidized to only $9 each NOW Available.
Final Expense Leads
Final Expense Leads
Oct. 10, 2009 - PRLog -- LifeAgents.Org , a leading distributor of final expense life insurance nationwide, announced today that final expense direct mail leads are now being made available to agents at only $22 and lower -- while still providing agents with one of the top final expense contracts in The USA.

Company spokesman Johnny Williams stated, "Finally, direct mail final expense leads can be purchased at prices of $22 and less without agents needing to settle for a low final expense commission level. These final expense leads are fresh and exclusive, and produce between 85% to 90% of all final expense premium industrywide.  The prospect actually checks off the box on the final expense leads indicating how much of a death benefit they are interested in, and providing their contact information."  

He added, "When agents write with our prime carrier and produce as little as $5k annualized premium in a month -- the following month their lead cost drops down to only $19.  $10k annualized monthly premium drops the lead cost down to $16, and $15k annualized premium drops the lead cost down to only $13."

Mr. Williams elaborated, "We start our agents on a 100% final expense commission level contract, and quickly raise them to 115% based upon production, while at the same time subsidizing their final expense lead costs down to $13, and even as low as an unheard of $9 final expense leads cost!"

Asked how life insurance agents can learn more about this highly subsidized final expense leads program and one of the top final expense commission levels in The USA, Mr. Williams chuckled, "That's easy. Just call Ira at 1.800.789.1477 or fill out the contact form at www.LifeAgents.Org and say, "I want to learn more about the best final expense leads and contracting opportunities in the USA!"

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