Television is back up with the revolution known as IKS and Cardsharing! Get your Nagra 3 Fix Now!

Many people wonder what IKS or Internet Key Sharing is in relation to Nagra 3 and FTA FILES is, we dispel the myths and rumours and tell you how to watch free TV now.
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Oct. 10, 2009 - PRLog -- Internet Key Sharing is the wave of the future for Free to Air! Many people who own a Viewsat Receiver or a Captain or a Coolsat are all currently without Television! There are many step you can take to get back and up running today with GoodFTA!
Internet Key Sharing has been around for a year starting with the Nfusion and the Neosat IPRO 2000 Satellite receivers. After much trial and error they got to a point where the satellite programming line up was very stable. When Nagra 3 hit earlier in this year, the Nfusion Receivers were still going strong. Taking a cue from Nfusion many other Companies started to enter the IKS market instead of seeing all of their current customers plague their support phone numbers and forums asking for help.

Sonicview, then released their revolutionary dongle called "I-HUB" see more about the Sonicview Dongle at The Sonicview IHUB gives users who have a later model Sonicview such as the 360 Premier and 360 ELITE and 8000 HD the ability for their receiver to connect up to the internet and download the new keys automatically.
What Nfusion and Sonicview allows up to do is connect up to another computer that is sharing their subscription with you with their own paid subscription card. ooprc The reason why you do not get ALL of the PPV's with the IKS service is because the people who are running the servers do not want to bring attention to themselves by ordering every single PPV Movie and Sporting Event in service.

Now you are slowly to see some receiver companies not go the IKS route, and instead go with Card Sharing. Card sharing is in effect the same as IKS, except on a smaller Scale.
Captiveworks allows you to run all of their receivers by allowing you to connect your Captiveworks via Serial cable to your computer, and it piggy backs your computer connection to allow you to connect up with private card share servers. If you would like more information on specific card server addresses, please sign up with our forum
Soon, other companies started to hop on the IKS train, such as ILINKS and Conaxsat, that allow you to buy a receiver and a dongle adapter and allows your receiver to talk to the internet and download the latest keys.
Some IKS receivers are better than others, for a compatible breakdown on the pros and cons of each IKS receiver, please visit

•   We encourage anyone thinking of watching Television right now, to get a new receiver that is capable of getting IKS. Why? You can sit back with your old receiver and HOPE a fix will come down the road, or you can be proactive and do something about it now. Why coast through life hoping for the best when you can simply do something about it. Everything in life costs money, and a great amount of time and money is spent on entertainment. When all you have to do is spend a few hundred dollars to get your television back, is that not a small price to pay?

•   We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about card -sharing, IKS, or get access to the files, programs and video tutorials that you need to get back up and running sign up today at

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GoodFTA was started four years ago to support Free to Air Satellites and Free to air Satellite receivers. We have a staff of over fifteen people that supports our Forum, Website, Live Chat, FTA Video and FTA Radio Shows.

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