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By: J Hyun
Oct. 6, 2009 - PRLog --   人的身高主要取决于长骨的长度。长骨按其部位分为骨干和骨骺,在骨骺和骨干之间的软骨是骺软骨,骺软骨不断增生和逐步骨化。在骨骺软骨未完全骨化前,骨就可以不断增长,人就随之长高。到了20~22岁以后,骺板软骨开始渐渐消失,成年以后骺软骨全部骨化,骨干与骨骺连成一体,骨完全钙化,骨就不再增长,人的长高也就停了。因此专家普遍认为针对20岁以上的成年骨骺线闭和后增高的可能性微乎其微。



  目前,SINOTECH公司已成功研发 Growth-Flex V增高营养胶囊,其内含丰富的HGH活性因子(Homeopathic HGH)、综合氨基酸等有效成分能够有效促进人体自身分泌生长激素,促进身体发育骨骼生长。另外胶囊内含独有的增高配方 “100% Pure Arginine&Omithine”(天然生物酶,临床医疗中具加速骨骼生长帮助骨折愈合功效),配合附 Height Increase增高手册系统的营养计划和锻炼方案,有效打开趋近闭和的骨骺板,刺激长骨再次育,对部分年纪较大的成年人也能取得很好增高效果。目前Growth-Flex V已经开始在多个国家推广,成为了非手术增的最佳选择。

A person's height depends on the length of long bones. Long bone is divided into parts according to their backbone and epiphysis, the cartilage between the epiphysis and the backbone is the epiphyseal cartilage, epiphyseal cartilage ossification continued hyperplasia and gradual. Incomplete ossification in the epiphyseal cartilage before the bones could be growing, tall person who followed. To 20 ~ 22 years of age, epiphyseal plate cartilage began to gradually disappear, an adult after all of the epiphyseal cartilage ossification, backbone and the epiphysis fused completely calcified bone, bone is no longer growing, tall people also stopped. Therefore, experts believe that for adults over the age of 20 epiphyseal closure and post-line increase is unlikely.

In this regard, there are many medical experts and scholars have put forward different proposals, the relevant study found that the human skeleton with a strong recycling and plasticity of adult increase is not so impossible. A typical example is the increased broken bones operation, increase the first surgery was for the treatment of polio caused by limb length inequality in recent years has also been used in a normal beauty increased (because of high risk has now been banned) , increased the basic principles of broken bones is simple: man-made bone (typically lower leg bone) fracture, that is, broken bones, and then use the regeneration of bone cells, constantly stretching at both ends of broken bone, stimulate cell division and regeneration of bone to achieve the effect of increased , and the age limit for bone age is not effective in higher than 8-10 cm.

Surgery is the increased use of renewable principle of self-bone, because bone is organic, osteoblasts stimulated by the outside world would be reflective response. Such as fracture healing, bone joints wear and tear caused by hyperplasia, spur cells are all bone stress reaction, there should be no increase in adult non-surgical way to do that, the Canadian biopharmaceutical company SINOTECH researchers pointed out that the skeleton affected by many factors influence the growth, such as growth hormone and cartilage cell division and proliferation of developmental stages of the main power source is a growth hormone, which is secreted by human pituitary gland, promote cartilage growth, epiphyseal plate widening, in the person's height plays a growth of a leading role, but the human body the secretion of growth hormone after the age of 18 began to fall, height growth also will slow down until a complete halt, thereby complement growth hormone is to promote the increase of the important factors. However, medical certificates, the epiphyseal line has been completely closed for the adults who rely solely on the additional growth hormone (growth hormone) and higher effects are not obvious, since closed epiphyseal cartilage cell division line has been discontinued, thus also need to stimulate the bone accordingly, the promotion of bone cell re-division. SINOTECH researchers found that a fracture to promote healing for the treatment of fractures of the enzyme can effectively promote bone cell division, while some specific stretching exercises could also bones, joints to produce the stimulus to stimulate effective in promoting bone osteoblast re-split pairs of adults can play a certain amount of increased effectiveness.

At present, SINOTECH company has successfully developed Growth-Flex V increased nutritional capsules, which contains a wealth of HGH activating factor (Homeopathic HGH), a comprehensive amino acid and other active ingredients can effectively promote the body's own secretion of growth hormone to promote the physical development of skeletal growth. Another capsule contains a unique formula increase "100% Pure Arginine & Omithine" (a natural bio-enzyme, clinical medical care that has helped to accelerate the growth of bone fracture healing effect), with the accompanying increase Height Increase Manual System nutrition programs and exercise programs, can effectively closed and open approach of the epiphyseal plate to stimulate the growth of long bones once again, for some older adults can be increased to achieve a good result. Currently Growth-Flex V has been launched in many countries regarding the promotion, making it the best choice for non-surgical increased.
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