“For 11 Years I Was Imprisoned In My “Fat Suit”, Now… I have Taken Back My Freedom!"

“I lost 30.8 Lbs in 60 days, healthily & naturally! 60 days…2 months…1/6 of a year, that’s how long it took for The Rapid Action Metabolism (RAM) ™ Fat Burning System to completely change my life!..."
By: Beth Jeffries
Oct. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- I spent the greater part of the last 11 years trying to get out of this “fat suit!” I used the “I’ll start my diet on Monday” line 572 times during that time and, sure enough, on Monday I would have some new special drink or fad diet where I’d deprive myself of my favourite foods and give up in a day or two.

At my highest weight of 278lbs (19.8 stone), I couldn’t fit into roller coasters, needed a seatbelt extension on the plane, and worst of all I was a not-so-fun mother.

The RAM Fat Burning System I use now, was created by Bill and Jim Germanakos, twins from the US who were featured on The Biggest Loser Series 4 and were crowned the weight loss champions for their record weight loss of 186 lbs (13.2 stone) each over 8 months, that is more than 20 lbs per month… and now they have made their product available in the UK!

I think the whole reason why their story resonated with me was because they too had tried almost every diet, from the no carb diet, to the liquid diet, to Weight Watchers and everything else in between and like me had no success or what success they DID get was quickly stripped away when the weight came back just as quickly as it came off (hm, sounds familiar).

Well that was the story of my life and carrying all that extra weight was embarrassing and frustrating, and the more I thought about it the more I ate and the more I ate the more weight I put on..... Until the day that I happened to see a clip of their Biggest Loser victory. That was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak and I told myself that if THEY can do it, so can I.

The RAM system isn’t a diet it’s a "life re-organization." It’s not a change of your life but simply learning to re-organize your habits so they aren’t as harmful. I still ate those “bad things” I wanted, just not all the time. RAM isn’t drastic and limiting, but do-able and sustainable. The system gave me a strong foundation of nutritional information and emotional support.

As I look back, I realize that the weight loss fed into my desire and ability to challenge myself physically. The activity helped me build and maintain the healthy lifestyle changes that led to greater weight loss.

Over time to my surprise and the surprise of others, I’ve become what you might call a fitness junkie. Funny how I used to say I didn’t have time to exercise. I probably said that right before sitting on the sofa to watch TV. Now, I know I'd been making excuses.

I still have a long way to go and a lot of struggles ahead, but those first 60 days have put me on the path to the new me. It was the jumpstart I needed. Looking at my before and after pictures made me proud of myself for the first time in years.

When I decided to buy into this “RAM thing” as I called it then, I was in no way prepared for the success it would bring me. The freedom I felt when the pounds started to fall off was the most exhilarating and exciting feeling in the world, especially since the program was by no means as taxing as all of the other stuff I’ve tried.

Instead of eating less they wanted me to eat more, instead of feeling drained of energy I felt more alive than I have in 11 years, and that was just the start. Included in the Platinum package which I received, is the digital version:-

The Rapid Action Metabolism (RAM) ™ Fat Burning System,

The RAM™ Program Diet and Activity Journal which allowed me to chart my progress so that I could see the changes and be proud of what I was accomplishing

Easy 4-Week Diet and Fitness Blueprint

30 Days Free Support and Access to the Personal Fitness Team which is invaluable if you are like me and need motivation and support,

the really simple Exercise Videos that you can use to supercharge your fat burning

and last but not least the Lifetime Access to The RAM™ Instant Online Diet & Meal Plan Generator, a healthy meal planner based on the RAM™ Fat Burning System. So I have access to a powerful recipe creator to help me achieve my weight loss goals with recipes I otherwise would not have thought of.

Dr Gregory I. Simpson a PhD scientist said of the RAM system: - "In my role as a PhD scientist with knowledge of some of the major challenges facing medical researchers and clinicians in the weight loss field, I was given a unique opportunity to review the system developed by Bill and Jim Germanakos.

This product, the Rapid Action Metabolism (RAM)™ weight loss program, in my view, is going to be highly sought after.

Weight loss is a complex process, with treatment requiring an understanding of the genetic, physical, social, environmental and psychological factors involved. The Weight Loss Twins, with the help of many weight loss, fitness and medical professionals, have managed to create a system that will no doubt really help individuals overcome the stresses and fears of dealing with obesity.

The program is presented as an easy to read, understandable and most important, actionable approach to managing weight. Take advantage of their experience as you tackle your own weight loss challenges."

All being said and done I am so grateful for what this program has done for me and felt I
had to share my story with others like me, to give inspiration and tell you that if I can do it – YOU CAN TOO!

I like this new me and I’m not letting go!

Starting weight 264.6 lbs (18.9 stone) on July 1 and Ending weight of 233.8 lbs (16.7 stone) on August 29 - 30.8 lbs (2.2 stone) lost in 60 days!!! That’s 11.64% of my Body weight gone!!

The RAM Fat Burning System undoubtedly has my vote for best weight loss product, value for money and realistic fat loss potential.”

Further information on the RAM System and clips from the show are available at www.slim4urlife.com.

To Your Success

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