BSSAH Initiative defends Individual Armament Rights in Turkey

Ankara , - BSSAH (Bireysel Silahlanma ve Savunma Hakki) fights for individual armament and defense rights of people. BSSAH represents safety , defense and armament needs of citizens...
By: BSSAH Bireysel Silahlanma ve Savunma Hakki
Oct. 5, 2009 - PRLog -- In Turkey , gun is a part of tradition and individual armament has a long history but Government and other related authorities is refuse this history and sustain the barriers to being armament legally.

Normally illegal guns are demanded by illegal needs but it’s not true in Turkey. Turkish laws and armament procedures are not meet people’s conditions so they get guns from illegal gun market which is really rapid growing sector in Turkey beceause of that barriers. In this case , there are near five millions of illegal(unregistred) guns all over Turkey (Population of Turkey is 72 million)

There are two main barriers that force to people to get illegal guns in Turkey.

A.   Licences and Procedures

License costs are beyond of the regular people’s purchase capacity in Turkey. These overrated gun permits don’t meet people’s financial situation and it caused to increase unregistred (illegal) weapon problem.
Furthermore license types and it’s requirements aren’t fit people’s demands to get legal weapon.

B.   Gun Prices

In Turkey , legal weapons prices are really incredible. Handguns cost are four times more than natural manufacturer price tags.

Murat YILDIRIM* says ;
‘’Licensing requirements and procedures should make easy to retrieve the circulation of unregistred illegal weapons’’
(Murat YILDIRIM is Fourth grade Police Director and Researcher at Research and Studies Center(Arem) of Interior Ministry of Tukey)

BSSAH will continue to defend The Rights

-Bssah initiate’s logo-
The orange color from logo refers to international symbol of Safety. The Traditional shield symbol points and underline ability of defense capability . And gun represents the way of safety and self defense.

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Established in 2008 Ankara Turkey , Bireysel Silahlanma ve Savunma Hakkı (Rights for individual armament and defense initiate) is a non partisan organization that demands fair armament rights for all Turkish citizens.

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