Prefabricated Granite Countertops, Granite Tile‭ Available at‭ ‬Portland's Stone+Wood Outlet

Stone+Wood Outlet,‭ ‬a Portland based discount retailer of flooring,‭ ‬decking and stone products,‭ ‬extends its product line with granite‭ ‬countertops,‭ ‬granite‭ ‬tiles and prefabricated granite countertops.
By: Stone+Wood Outlet
Stone+Wood Outlet
Stone+Wood Outlet
Oct. 1, 2009 - PRLog -- Stone+Wood Outlet,‭ ‬a‭ ‬discount retailer in Portland,‭ ‬Oregon‭ ‬has announced its newly extended line of granite‭ ‬tile,‭ ‬granite‭ ‬countertops and prefabricated slab granite countertops.‭ ‬The retailer has been a longtime seller of stone products including travertine,‭ ‬marble and quartz.‭ ‬Stone+Wood Outlet also recently acquired‭ ‬200‭ ‬MSF of ceramic and‭ ‬porcelain tile from the now defunct‭ ‬The‭ ‬Tile Source Store.‭

Granite comes in a variety of different colors and textures such as honed or polished.‭ ‬As a stone that has color throughout,‭ ‬chips in Granite are more difficult to see than in other stones.‭ ‬Granite countertops‭ ‬are available‭ ‬in tiles,‭ ‬mini-slabs,‭ ‬or full slabs of granite stone,‭ ‬with full slabs typically measuring‭ ‬2cm to‭ ‬3cm in thickness.‭

The process of fabricating granite tile starts with the granite being mined from the earth.‭ ‬From there it is sent to a granite fabrication company where it is fabricated using water‭ ‬jet technology and machine polishing.‭ ‬After this process is complete,‭ ‬the company will create a manual template of the consumer's countertop,‭ ‬manufacture a slab of granite to fit the space perfectly,‭ ‬and deliver it to the home and install it.‭

Stone+Wood Outlet's maintenance guidelines recommend that Granite countertops and all other applications be sealed and polished on a regular basis,‭ ‬on a yearly basis at the minimum.‭ ‬Stone+Wood Outlet carries other stone countertop options in addition to Granite,‭ ‬including Quartz,‭ ‬Corian,‭ ‬Filestone,‭ ‬and Caesar Stone.‭ ‬Quartz in particular differs from Granite in that it is manmade and nonporous,‭ ‬making it less susceptible to chipping than Granite while also possessing color throughout.

The Granite countertop tile line joins Stone+Wood's existing product lineup of‭ ‬wood decking,‭ ‬laminate flooring,‭ ‬hardwood flooring,‭ ‬and ceramic and stone tile.‭  More information on the company's product line can be found at

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Stone+Wood Outlet is a wood flooring,‭ ‬tile,‭ ‬stone and decking retailer based in Portland,‭ ‬Oregon.‭ ‬With two stores,‭ ‬on Yeon Ave and‭ ‬82nd St,‭ ‬Stone+Wood Outlet specializes in purchasing high quality,‭ ‬great value products‭; ‬and passing the savings on to customers.

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